Trane Intelligent Services

Advanced Remote Analytics

Close remote building system monitoring and analysis of system trends

Trane Intelligent Services provide always-on, automated monitoring powered by a suite of leading technologies backed by Trane’s team of technical experts. It’s an effective and affordable way to look after your HVAC equipment 24/7. They give building operators high-end capability to help minimize the occurrence and severity of system failures through early detection of alarms and performance issues.  

Every business and every building is different. That’s why Trane offers a range of remote monitoring services. We’ll work with you to establish critical points, appropriate parameters, actions and procedures. Whether you require continuous monitoring and automated notification, or monitoring plus an action plan for remediation services, Trane can provide a cost-effective solution. 

Trane Intelligent Services is available in three options that provide increasing levels of functionality:

  • Alarm Notification
  • Active Monitoring
  • Building Performance

For more detail, read the Sales brochure and contact your Trane sales office.

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