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Building Performance for Business Strength

Trane is making buildings better through commercial comfort solutions.

Whether a cost-effective, productive workplace is your product, or a conduit to the products you create, Trane can increase your building’s performance. Our integrated solutions improve the life of your building and the lives within your building. Through innovative and sustainable solutions, we are changing the environments in which people work and create.

Trane uses a consultative approach to building improvement that’s based on 100 years of experience. Our flexible, intelligent HVAC solutions can reduce energy use in commercial properties by up to 25 percent. Building automation systems simplify comfort management, so it’s easier to maintain conditions that help keep employees productive and tenant occupancy rates high.

Only Trane offers these basic requirements for building efficiency:

  • Energy-efficient HVAC equipment

  • Advanced building controls

  • Cloud-based, technology-enabled services

  • Monitoring capabilities for sustained operations

  • A comprehensive range of upgrade solutions delivered by an extended service network


HVAC Systems Data and Building Controls

Intelligent HVAC equipment and controls generate streams of data. Until recently, all that data had limited value, because it simply wasn’t accessible. Trane has solved that problem. Based on over 30 years of controls experience and knowledge of what building managers need—and need to know—to maintain and improve building performance, we’re transforming the way buildings are managed using smart controls and technology-enabled services.

Trane building controls and services now turn data into insight that can be used for an array of practical purposes:

  • Bring simplicity and accuracy to workspace comfort control

  • Make informed, proactive decisions about everyday maintenance and long-term asset management

  • Access flexible and accurate information, on demand

  • Measure, benchmark and manage energy use


Make Occupant Comfort a Priority

How important is it to keep a handle on maintaining comfortable air quality, temperature and humidity levels? Very.

One of the biggest reasons that tenants move, outside of insufficient space, is lack of comfort. In owner-occupied buildings, comfort management is just as important: Uncomfortable working conditions can cause productivity to decline by up to 18 percent*.

Whether it’s managing multiple facilities in different locations, one building or one HVAC unit, Trane can put together building controls and automation systems to suit a variety of needs.

Managing climate, lighting and energy management within a facility can be greatly simplified with the Tracer™ SC system controller. This web-based management tool makes scheduling, reporting and programming as easy as “point-and-click,” and it does not require a dedicated workstation: Tracer SC functionality can be accessed through any PC, smartphone or tablet. Multiple facilities can be managed with similar simplicity—as a single enterprise—using Tracer™ Ensemble building management workstation software.

*BOMA International (US )

Control Buildings from Anywhere

Mobile Trane building control gives facility managers freedom, flexibility—and peace of mind. Accessible via smartphone or tablet, the  Tracer™ Building Automation Systems Operator Suite mobile app allows facility managers to monitor and control buildings from anywhere, anytime.



Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings

Sustainable buildings are more than a trend. For many commercial real estate owners, new regulations and rising costs are raising energy efficiency projects to a higher priority.

Trane professionals are collaborating with building owners and managers globally. We’re contributing our expertise in energy-efficient HVAC equipment and system design to help address energy and environmental challenges.

  • Reduce energy usage and cost

  • Reduce carbon emissions generated by local power plants

  • Address current and emerging regulatory issues

Maintain Control Over Energy Use

Once desired efficiency levels have been achieved, web-based Tracer™ building automation systems make it easier for building managers to sustain the benefits. Featuring the industry’s most intuitive user interface, Tracer controls simplify system operation. Built-in features, such as temporary override, help ensure that building systems always run at optimal settings. The Tracer™ BAS Operator Suite mobile app provides on-the-go access to monitor and manage building controls using a smartphone or tablet.

Reduce High Utility Bills

Aging HVAC systems almost certainly demand more energy than they did when they were new. Plus, energy efficient HVAC equipment and building automation systems have made significant efficiency gains over the past decade. Through thorough, no-obligation analyses or energy audit, Trane Building Advantage will help you identify what can be done to increase energy efficiency and evaluate the right modernization solutions that will reduce your building operating costs.

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