Reliable process cooling for efficient plant operation

Reliable Trane systems your industry can count on

Trane has a wide experience in industrial control applications, starting from simple chillers to complex systems that are optimized for improved efficiency. One of the highest priorities of Trane engineers when designing an industrial application is to ensure a system that is reliable. Trane proposes systems that can revert to a safe standalone running mode should any issue such as communication troubles arise, continuing to deliver cooling capacity until the issue has been analyzed and fixed. In addition, Trane always proposes simple-to-use user interfaces which offer just the right amount of information about system status and running conditions. Since every piece of equipment is hooked up to a network, the user can access system and units information at any time, allowing for easy diagnosis, and easy understanding of system responses.

Chiller Plant Management

Application is a pre-engineered function within Trane controllers, so as to deliver a consistent, reliable and repeatable performance from project to project, with a minimum commissioning time.

Personalized optimization

Chiller technology and unit sizes arrangement are analyzed so you get the best result of their installation, according to their system load profile. Chiller Plant sequencing is a powerful pre-engineered function that only requires parameters to be able to drive the installation at its highest level of optimization.

Technical services

Trane proposes its simulation and solution evaluation software. Using this tool, you can easily evaluate the best alternative for solving a problem, by viewing the solutions from different angles, such as economical aspects, technical aspects, safety and reliability.

Trane Building Services

It is easy to get assistance from Trane in concluding a maintenance and service contract including HVAC and BMS equipment/software. This way, system fluctuations, fine tuning etc. can be done by people working in sync with those teams that have originally developed the application. This ensures service continuity as well as efficiency in answering any request of system improvement or adaptation.

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