Data Centers

Dependable cooling management

Surging demand on data centers is constantly placing new strains on their temperature control. Hot spots and inadequate cooling can cause costly disruptions. It is estimated that cooling and humidification control accounts for 40% to 60% of a data center’s physical operating costs.

Trane tailors HVAC systems to different centers’ widely varying needs, offering support with design, installation, commissioning and ongoing operations. Data centers may benefit from our:

  • Modular systems, allowing for expandability as needed.
  • Integrated management for all systems, ensuring that savings in one do not increase costs in another.
  • Rapid restart chiller plant.

And with the industry’s largest number of LEED Accredited Professionals, Trane works with industry and construction organizations to advance sustainable green practices and the associated energy and financial efficiencies.

There is a lot riding on the operations of your datacenter and while maintaining maximum uptime is a requirement, using a lot of energy is not. If your systems are operating less than optimally, you may be spending more than necessary. Using solutions that uncover opportunities to optimize your building and its systems can help transform your building.

Trane Building Advantage combines a core expertise in building systems and services — and more than 100 years of industry experience — with technology and advanced analytics to bring you comprehensive solutions to improve your building, and your business' efficiency.

Tracer Building Management Systems (BMS) are web-enabled, flexible, and scalable controls platforms that support a variety of open protocols and industry interface standards. Trane Building Management Systems solutions provide optimized energy efficiency, and deliver reliable, integrated and sustained HVAC system performance through innovative applications over the life of your data center.

Trane Rental Services provides comprehensive and tailored rental cooling solutions to mitigate risk during emergencies and planned shutdowns. Insufficient cooling capacity can cause costly disruptions and negatively impact quality and productivity. Our comprehensive temporary cooling approach includes the selection, installation, commissioning and operation of the right equipment to help you realize your business needs and meet operational objectives.

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