Trane Prepackaged Control Solution

Trane OptiPlant is the customized control solution for comfort cooling installations with two air-cooled chillers in small buildings and commercial spaces. Based on the chilled water demand, it will limit chiller operation and its associated auxiliary equipment thus reducing operating costs.

A touchscreen display allows you to monitor and control key operating parameters. An energy monitoring version is available.

Customer benefits

  • Lower operating and maintenance costs
    • Reduced operating hours: Miniumum of 15% reduction in energy consumption
    • Longer component lifetime and lower maintenance costs.
  • Easy chiller control
    • Intuitive screens allow easy monitoring and control of the plant
  • Traceability of plant operation
    • Event log and system temperature trends are displayed over the seven previous days
  • Rapid return on investment
Chiller Scheduling  Initiates chiller operation at a specific time of the day to amplify energy savings and reduce compressor wear.
Demand Limiting Allows user to run no more than one chiller, independent of the load, when current draw needs to be limited
Soft Start Prevents excess capacity from being brought online at start up
Chiller Rotation Equalizes chiller operating time
Communication Capability Allows the sharing of data with Building Management System over BACnet™ MSTP

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