Tracer™ Custom Graphics

Visualize Your Building Automation System










A Tracer automation system uses graphics as a means of viewing and navigating through the system, much like walking through the building.  

Tracer™ graphics are created by Trane’s in-house digital production studio. This team of digital design experts is dedicated to providing high end visuals that create an engaging and intuitive user experience for Tracer™ ES and SC. Customers can rely on Trane to deliver a consistent graphics package from job to job and phase to phase, thanks to the industry experience and workflow efficiencies. A library of over 150 standard graphics representing all Trane equipment and applications is included in Tracer automation systems. Standard 3D graphics provide a powerful visual representation of equipment along with relevant overall building information helping building operators operate their facilities with high efficiency.  

Custom graphics are also an essential way for building operators to manage their assets. Trane has implemented a dedicated team of graphics creation specialists to make sure custom graphics are made with the same philosophy and quality than all standard views. They can incorporate visual elements from your building, such as floor plans or exterior views from CAD drawings which can be combined with any other standard graphics based on unique customer and site needs. Custom graphics can also include digital photography and animated images, which turn the interface into powerful, easy to use dashboards.

The team is driven to think outside the box and can collaborate directly with customers to produce unique graphics packages. Contact your local Trane representative today.

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