Sustainable refrigerants: Spotlight on R454B

The lowest GWP value option to replace R410A

Trane, already recognized as a leading innovator in the HVAC industry, has experience in designing products operating with low-GWP refrigerants. 
In fact, our entire portfolio of screw, high-speed centrifugal and centrifugal units is available with low-GWP refrigerant alternatives such as R1234ze, R1233zd, and R513A.

Now, we have extended the initiative to encompass our portfolio of chillers, heat pumps and rooftops with scroll compressors to continue to be front running in the marketplace and to support your strong sustainability objectives.
These scroll units are offered with R454B and are designed to lower their environmental impact with next-generation, low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants and high-efficiency operation.


R454B is the lowest GWP value option to replace R410A with a GWP decrease of 78% and 31% lower than R32.

Lower impact on the environment

This is the lowest GWP value option to replace R410A, with a GWP decrease of 78% and 31% lower than R32. Units will deliver better cooling/heating capacity and power usage compared to R410A - up to 5% improvement.

Lower operating costs

Our units with R454B are very competitive versus legacy Trane products (1-5% more efficient) and other products on the market.  In addition, because we choose the lowest GWP available and reduce the total refrigerant charge volume, we limit the financial impact of operating costs.

How? Governments set tax schemes and subsidy programs based on GWP values (the lower the GWP, the lower the tax). By investing in a lower GWP, you are reducing your cost of future refrigerant purchases.

Quality and reliability

Tested and tight refrigerant circuits that keep the refrigerant contained and with its original manufactured composition, ensure the highest performance as the unit was designed to achieve, for years to come.

Experience in design and manufacturing

Decades of experience allows us to design refrigerant circuits optimized for any refrigerant. Our rigorous manufacturing and servicing processes guarantee a minimal risk for leakages.  Your investment, and the environment are safer and protected.

Trane Service

Our Service Technicians are highly experienced with refrigerant. For R454B, they received specific PED certifications to perform brazing. They also are trained to handle this new refrigerant with care during commissioning and service operations.