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HVAC chiller upgrades keep your Trane chiller system running at maximum efficiency, minimize service calls, eliminate surprises, and controls your total cost of operation. Trane HVAC chiller upgrades help make your existing chiller better. Trane can replace worn parts, adapt chillers to changing operating conditions, or enhance the reliability of the chiller by installing the latest and most reliable products offered.

Adaptive Frequency™ Drive Upgrades
Adaptive frequency drive (AFD) improves CenTraVac chiller performance by providing safe, efficient inlet guide vane and compressor motor speed control combinations. This HVAC upgrade ensures the most efficient part load operation possible. Also know as Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) or Variable Speed Drives (VSD).

Rebuilt CTV Motor Upgrades and Replacements
Replace or Rebuild your Trane CenTraVac® Chillers Motor using OEM rebuilt HVAC motors from our industry leading remanufacturing facility in Charlotte, NC. Using remanufactured motors is more environmentally responsible than purchasing new. Multiple options allow you to reduce downtime while upgrading your motor to current OEM standards.

EarthWise™ Refrigerant Purge Upgrades
One of the other HVAC upgrades Trane offers is the EarthWise Purge, which is designed to remove air and moisture from low-pressure chillers while minimizing refrigerant emissions. The patented Earthwise Purge is the most environmentally responsible, lowest maintenance purge available today.

CTV Chiller Starter Replacements and Upgrades
Replacement and Upgrade CTV chiller Motor Starters designed and tested to integrate with Trane Chiller System controls are available for voltages from 200 to 13,800 Volt. Across the line, Wye Delta (Star Delta), AutoTransformer, Primary Reactor, and Solid State Starter types are all available. These starters are integrated into the HVAC chiller controls for optimum performance.

Tracer AdaptiView™ Control Upgrades for CTV Chillers
Upgrade your Trane CTV Chiller Unit controls to Tracer AdaptiView™, the latest in HVAC chiller control technology. The Tracer AdaptiView Controller optimizes chiller performance by allowing the chiller to adapt to rapidly changing load conditions. This user interface features multiple BAS interfaces, a color touch screen display, and modular sensor technology.

Engineered Conversion Refrigerant Upgrades for CenTraVac® Chillers
Trane’s Engineered Conversion service is another of the HVAC upgrades Trane offers chiller customers. This HCFC Refrigerant conversion enables Trane to re-engineer your chiller to optimize it for your specific operating conditions while changing to more cost effective, environmentally responsible refrigerant such as R-123 and R-134a.