ĐHTM Công Suất Lớn

Trane’s split system has quality and reliability built-in. An indoor section and matching outdoor section are connected by refrigerant tubing (hence the name "split"). The indoor section consists of a fan, indoor cooling coil, heating section, and filter while the outdoor section houses the compressor and condenser. Energy performance is similar to packaged rooftop systems with a bit more installation flexibility; it’s a combination for reliable operation and easy service.

We have a wide variety of compatible components, which means we can create the right system to meet your load requirements. By accurately matching capacity to performance needs, we can help you realize lower installed costs and energy savings. We meet or exceed all nationally recognized agency safety and design standards; each condensing unit is UL designed, approved and labeled in accordance to UL Standards.

Trane’s larger split system is ideal for office buildings, hotels, schools, municipal and industrial facilities, Our smaller split system units are suited for small businesses, low-rise buildings, manufacturing and distribution facilities and retail outlets.