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Công suất từ 36.000 Btu/h đến 240.000 Btu/h


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Dàn lạnh tủ đứng
Dàn lạnh tủ đứng Công suất từ 36.000 Btu/h đến 240.000 Btu/h

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Tham Khảo detail cho MVC-36-60 như dưới đây.

The next generation Trane® IntelliPak® with Symbio™ 800 maximizes customer outcomes with minimal energy. The market leading rooftop unit was reengineered from extensive research and development to provide superior energy efficiency, improved quality, and reliability. Featuring a flexible controller that is application specific and field programmable, the new IntelliPak brings together the latest HVAC rooftop technology to deliver ultimate performance and enhanced connected capabilities.


The new high efficiency, connected IntelliPak and Symbio 800 system pairs with TRACE® 3D Plus software to make the system easy to select and design for improved energy modeling and exact customer specifications. This solution is ideal for new construction in the industrial, healthcare, education and retail sectors that require greater efficiency and connectivity.


Energy Efficiency

Our large rooftop units have defined the category for more than 40 years with the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the industry. Now with variable speed technology and a flexible controller, our rooftop HVAC systems continue to have the industry’s highest energy efficiency with an IEER rating up to 17.8.



As the long-time trusted industry leader in large rooftop HVAC solutions, we have made significant upgrades to the next generation IntelliPak unit so you have the highest quality and reliability available — performance that will meet your needs for years.



The IntelliPak rooftop unit with Symbio 800 controller is designed to create the highest level of flexibility during project design, installation and operation — delivering the ultimate experience that satisfies customer requirements.



The Symbio 800 is application specific and field programmable that helps reduce project costs and enables customized sequence of operation. The connected controller also increases a customer’s connected building capability with simplified integration with  common protocols including BACnet® (IP, MS/TP and Air-Fi® wireless), Modbus® and LonTalk®.



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