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Trane® Unitary Systems for Commercial HVAC 

We have a vast array of products to meet your temperature, humidity and ventilation needs. From self-contained units and split systems to water-source heat-pumps and packaged rooftops; every one is designed to provide cost-effective reliability and comfort. Our units incorporate many factory-installed features that increase system flexibility and reduce design and installation time. And, our unitary system has dedicated digital controls that support intelligent feedback to maximize efficiency by minimizing energy requirements and allowing ongoing monitoring of system performance.

A unitary system combines heating, cooling, and fan sections all in one or a few assemblies for simplified application and installation and are used in most classes of buildings, from schools to offices to retail, particularly where low initial cost and simplified installation are important. Because you should expect more out of your building systems than just hot and cold air, our commercial unitary system features integrated controls engineered to create the best possible comfort environment for your investment.

Điều Hòa Thương Mại Công Suất Nhỏ

Điều hòa thương mại công suất nhỏ...

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Điều Hòa Thương Mại Công Suất Lớn

Điều Hòa Thương Mại Công Suất Lớn có dải công suất từ 250.000 Btu/h đến 600.000 Btu/h

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  • Cục Bộ Công Suất Lớn
  • Commercial self contained

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