Building Energy Management Systems & Services

Your building is an important part of your business, and it’s a complex, changing environment that every day presents opportunities to impact your business outcomes.  Buildings are full of hidden potential. They provide many rich sources of valuable data that can be used to help you gain insight into your facility. Energy can be the single-largest operating expense in a typical commercial building, costing American businesses more than $24 billion each year. If your systems are operating less than optimally, you may be spending more than necessary. Using solutions that uncover opportunities to optimize your building and its systems can help transform your building into an asset that positively impacts your business.

At Trane, our business is making yours better through innovative technology and solutions. We combine a core expertise in building systems and services — and more than 100 years of industry experience — with technology and advanced analytics to bring you comprehensive solutions to make your building, and your business, better.