EarthWise™ Ice-enhanced, Air-cooled Chiller Plant






EarthWise Systems deliver prepackaged operational efficiencies that support sustainable building performance—making it easy to mitigate the impact of higher energy costs.

The Trane EarthWise™ Ice-enhanced Air-cooled Chiller Plant includes eight standard configurations for air-cooled chillers, ice tanks and customizable system controls that provide an advanced starting point for designing an ice storage system.

Prepackaged system built on expertise

Approximately 80 percent of the installed ice storage projects use air-cooled chillers and internal melt modular ice tanks. By limiting the scope to a specific style of chiller, we’ve identified the repeatable aspects of the system to help HVAC designers compress the time it takes for the system to go from the idea phase to the commissioning phase. Some of the new features developed to support this Earthwise system include:

  • System completion packaged skids
  • Preprogrammed control sequences
  • Operator graphics and drawings


System Resources