Tracer® SC+

Tracer® SC+

Tracer® SC+ allows you to streamline facility management without reinventing the entire system.

Adding Tracer® SC+ to your system provides a flexible, cost effective solution for building automation, and managing the facility climate that can extend to lighting and energy consumption.

Accessible from most PCs, tables, and smart phone, the Tracer® Synchrony user interface eliminates the need for a dedicated computer and monitor so you can manage system performance whenever and wherever it is convenient. The intuitive online tools provide improved efficiencies, increased tenant comfort and reduced energy costs, which result in operational cost-savings and a better bottom line.

Occupant comfort and energy savings

  • Tracer® SC+ includes several factory engineered HVAC applications that have been developed by HVAC system experts and tested on tens of thousands of facilities to ensure that your facility operates at its peak performance. These applications provide consistent comfort and improved indoor air quality, while reducing energy requirements.
  • For any building owner concerned with energy, indoor air quality, and the environment, Trane Earthwise™  System represent a design philosophy whose time has come. Earthwise Systems provide documented sustainability of high efficiency and low emissions over the entire lifetime of the building.
  • Tracer Graphical Programming (TGP2) is a powerful graphical program that can be used to customize factory applications or control non-HVAC equipment.

Access your facility from anywhere

  • Tracer® Synchrony is web-enabled and accessible from virtually any device with a web browser. All of the most popular device types, operating systems, and browsers are supported.
  • The Tracer® BAS Operator Suite is a mobile app that allows you to monitor and manage buildings from virtually anywhere, giving you greater freedom and constant peace of mind.
  • Trane Connect for Remote Access provides an easy, secure option for remotely connecting to a Tracer® SC+

Support for open, standard protocols

  • Open, standard protocols are the key to enabling communication among Trane and non-Trane HVAC equipment, as well as other complementary facility system. These protocols enable commutation across system and vendors to ensure that your building operates at its best on day one and beyond.
  • Tracer® SC+ natively communicates to BACnet® and LonTalk controllers and is listed as a BACnet Building Controller (B-BC) by BACnet Test Labs (BTL).
  • Tracer® SC+ supports Trane Air-Fi™ Wireless, providing standard wireless BACnet over Zigbee™ building automation between Trane BACnet controllers and zone sensors.

Support for Trane Air-Fi™ Wireless

  • Trane Air-Fi Wireless brings maximum flexibility to your building automation system.
  • For contractors, it significantly simplifies building controls projects by minimizing the engineering, estimating and project management tasks associated with communication link. For building owners, it provides easier and more cost-effective controls upgrades and building expansion expansion projects.
  • Trane technology help prepare your facilities your facilities for the future of building information. Trane Air-Fi Wireless runs BACnet protocol over ZigBee bundling automation standards. Trane Air-Fi the first HVAC manufacturer to be Zigbee Certified.