Trane® Variable Refrigerant II

Trane Refrigerant Refrigerant II

A smart solution for every type of building Introducing a substantially improved version to our existing Variable Refrigerant Flow product; the new TVR II system under the TRANE brand represents a leap on technology when compared with our previous TVR products.

The new improved TVR II includes new features like simultaneous heating and cooling using the new Heat Recovery series and at the same time reducing the energy consumption while  maintaining optimum climate conditions of the building using it.

The new improved TVR II achieves higher levels of energy efficiencies in both cooling (EER) and heating (COP) than the TVR, the new product accomplishes this by a utilizing an optimized fan design with a DC
fan motor, an improved high performance heat exchanger, Brushless Reluctance DC inverter scroll compressors and intelligent defrost.

Like its predecessor, TVR II can be applied as the main HVAC system in a building or as a supplemental system that coordinates with an existing HVAC installation to meet different application requirements.

The TVR II is ideal for buildings that have different requirements for future tenants, for buildings requiring tenant by tenant installation, operation and billing. The compact size of the indoor units, the small footprint and modularity of outdoor units and the use of small refrigerant pipes to transport energy between outdoor and indoor units make this product the ideal solution for existing buildings.


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