Helical Rotary Chiller
Model RTAE

150 to 300 Tons

A Trane® Stealth air-cooled chiller 150-300 tons delivers an industry-leading combination of part-load efficiency and full-load efficiency. Multiple InvisiSound acoustical treatment options provide the flexibility to meet specific application needs and the InvisiSound™ Ultimate package produces the lowest published sound levels in the industry.

Why a Trane Stealth air-cooled chiller?

  • Sizes from 150 to 300 tons.
  • Air-cooled chiller AdaptiSpeed™ technology - delivering unmatched efficiency through the integration of an all-new, direct-drive compressor, variable-speed, permanent magnet motors and the Trane third-generation Adaptive Frequency™ drive, AFD³.
  • Industry-leading efficiencies with no need to compromise — Up to 12.1 EER at full-load operation; up to 20 IPLV at part-load operation.
  • Quiet operation and multiple acoustic treatment options providing the flexibility to meet your building's specific needs — including the InvisiSound™ Ultimate package, which achieves the lowest published sound levels in the industry!
  • Durability and performance: delivering improved reliability and lower maintenance requirements with technologies designed to last the life of the chiller, and features like all-aluminum condenser coils to minimize the risk of galvanic corrosion and coils' transverse "open V" design to allow easier cleaning from the inside out, to help keep the air-cooled chiller operating at peak efficiency.
  • BACnet™, LonTalk™, Modbus™, and Tracer™ system capability.

For Technical Specifications, please refer to the Catalog or Installation documents on the Literature tab.

  • Brochure
      • Stealth Chiller Model RTAE RLC-SLB026-EN
  • Catalog
      • Stealth Chiller Model RTAE RLC-PRC042*-EN
  • Installation Operation Maintenance (IOMs)
      • Stealth Chiller Model RTAE RTAE-SVX001*-EN