Tracer™ Ensemble

Trane empowers you to achieve the business outcomes you want with the help of our new Trane Tracer® Ensemble™ building management system. Now you can unlock the potential of your entire building enterprise with new capabilities that deliver secure control of all your building systems.

Tracer Ensemble is a web-enabled enterprise-wide building management system that provides:

  • A remote enterprise view of your entire organization
  • Greater productivity for daily operation and troubleshooting
  • Enhanced energy management
  • More profitable tenant solutions
  • Optimized use of buildings and maintenance staff

Enriched user interface. Boost efficiency and productivity through an easy-to-use interface that features out-of-the-box standard pages and navigation, fully customizable navigation and an enhanced touch screen.

Fast, easy troubleshooting. Use any mobile connected device to address comfort issues, make schedule changes, adjust set points, manage alarms and more.

Positive business outcomes. Impact your bottom line through vital performance metrics that help you identify areas for improvement across your entire enterprise.

Enhanced tenant services. Industry-leading building automation tool offers the ability to increase revenue streams through tenant satisfaction and retention, built-in billing capabilities, after hours building management and more.

Tracer Ensemble Express

The Tracer Ensemble Express system is an easy installation option for smaller projects. It is pre-installed on a computer provided by Trane and delivers an integrated workstation suited for medium to small buildings. This system is ideal for sites where no server or IT support is available.

With three scalable options to choose from, there’s a Trane Tracer Ensemble system to meet your needs. To learn more, contact your local Trane account manager.