Round In
Round Out

The Round-in/Round-out VAV unit (VRRF) is a retrofit product designed to simplify upgrading of an existing old-style VariTrane™ units to DDC. It includes an 18-gauge cylinder with flow sensing ring and a control enclosure with the following factory-INSTALLED, WIRED, and TESTED options:

  • Comm4 or Comm5 VAV Controllers
  • Control Power Transformer
  • Toggle Disconnect Switch
  • Control Line Fuse
  • Actuator
  • Pressure Transducer
  • Wireless Receiver
  • Factory download of controller sequence, setpoints, addresses, etc.


For Technical Specifications, please refer to the Catalog or Installation documents on the Literature tab.

  • Brochure
      • VariTrane™ Sales - 4 page VAV-SLB004-EN
      • VariTrane™ Sales - 2 page VAV-SLB005-EN
      • Delivered VAV VAV-SLB009-EN
      • Diffuser VAV-SLB001-EN
  • Catalog
      • VariTrane™ Single Duct and Dual Duct VAV-PRC011*-EN
      • VariTrane™ Fan-Powered VAV-PRC012*-EN
      • LonMark™ DDC VAV-PRC008*-EN
  • Installation Operation Maintenance (IOMs)
      • Round-In/Round-Out VAV-SVN09*-EN
      • VariTrane™ Single and Dual Duct/Fan-Powered VAV-SVX08*-EN
      • UCM 4.2 VAV-SVX01*-EN
      • Tracer™ UC400 VAV-SVX07*-EN
  • Programming Guide
      • VV550 LonTalk™ Controller VAV-SVP01*-EN