Packaged Climate Changer™ 1,500 to 15,000 cfm

Packaged Climate Changer air handler

The Trane Packaged Climate Changer air handler is one of the most cost-effective packaged units that meet industry standards for indoor air quality on the market today. Widely used in office buildings, hospitals, schools and other traditional air-handling applications, these units are UL-listed and ARI-rated and can be used in constant-volume or variable-volume systems.

Indoor air quality is an important aspect of air handling equipment. The Packaged Climate Changer meets ASHRAE Standard 62-1999 requirements, with features that include a double wall wet section, cleanable unit interiors and sloped drain pans.

The Packaged Climate Changer air handler offers design flexibility—vertical or horizontal cabinet styles with either a horizontal or vertical discharge, hydronic or direct expansion cooling coils and hydronic, steam or electric heating coils in eight different sizes to meet your needs.

    Sq ft of coil Nominal airflow CFM (l)  
    3 1,500  
    6 3,000  
    8 4,000  
    10 5,000  
    12 6,000  
    14 7,000  
    17 8,500  
    21 10,500  
    25 12,500  
    30 15,000  

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