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When making an investment as critical and complex as your building's HVAC system, it pays to choose local technical experts who are dedicated to your satisfaction throughout the life of your system...not just the initial sale. That's the promise, and the difference, of total system local support from Trane. Because Trane offers HVAC equipment, Building Management Systems, Parts and Service under one roof, we provide cost-effective solutions that incorporate a total system perspective right from the start.

We're here to serve your total comfort system needs. If you can't find what you're looking for, feel free to call us at the number listed below.

EarthWise Intelligent Variable Air System

For Chilled-Water Applications

Looking for more effeciency than a traditional VAV system? Check out EarthWise™

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Building Controls

Wireless Comm and Trace™ BAS Operator Suite

Flexibility, reliability and new freedom.

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Homestead High School

Case Study

Energy Performance solution empowers effective decision-making for improved building operations and energy management.

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Rod Cook

District Vice President

Phone Number :  651-468-2700

Bob Davis

Area Manager

Phone Number :  414-266-5200

John Kelley

General Sales Manager

Phone Number :  414-266-5209

Tara Russell

District Equipment Operations Leader

Phone Number :  651-468-2700

Kevin Stoss

District Service Operations Leader

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Nicole Metzler

District Finance Leader

Phone Number :  608-788-8430

Kimberly Heiser

District Marketing & Education Leader

Phone Number :  651-468-2702

Jay Behnken

National Accounts Business Leader


Phone Number :  612-877-1757

Jeff De Vor

Infrastructure Solutions

Phone Number :  414-266-5221

Allan Lantz

Account Manager

Phone Number :  414-266-5222

Gary Gruenke

Sales Engineer

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Jay Kasmerchak

Account Manager

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Jim Krol

Comprehensive Solutions

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Mike Stanczyk

Service Solutions Account Manager

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Nick Malahy

Account Manager

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Tony Stark

Service Solutions Account Manager

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Ashley Henderson

Account Manager

Phone Number :  414-208-9007

Rick Walker

Business Solutions Architect

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Adam Sauter

Account Executive Infrastructure Solutions

Phone Number :  414-262-5217

Mark Ericson

Sales Engineer

Phone Number :  414-266-5235

Gary Siegman

Service Solutions Account Manager

Phone Number :  414-266-5210

Matt Steensrud

Controls Project Engineer

Phone Number :  414-262-5212

Steve Scott

Construction Project Manager

Phone Number :  414-266-5225

James DeGuire

Construction Project Manager

Phone Number :  414-266-5233

Eric Eidler

Construction Project Manager

Phone Number :  414-944-4027

Connie Duddles

Contracting Project Administrator

Phone Number :  414-944-4022

Vicki Sobie

Project Administrator

Phone Number :  414-266-5227

Sue Hooker

Solutions Account Manager

Phone Number :  414-266-5229

Diane Norante

Office and Marketing Coordinator

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Heather Martinez

Service Coordinator

Phone Number :  414-944-4017

Kimberly McWilliams

Project Manager-National Accounts

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Nate Nekich

Intelligent Services Team Leader

Phone Number :  414-944-4024

Bill Ray

Project Manager

Phone Number :  414-266-5237

Joe Schmidt

Senior Project Developer Infrastructure Solutions

Phone Number :  414-944-4016

Adam Danielson

Area Contracting Manager

Phone Number :  414-266-5230

Stefan Hochstatter

Area Service Manager

Phone Number :  414-266-5219

Kevin Glauber

Project Manager Infrastructure Solutions

Phone Number :  414-266-5207

Tanya Godsey

Service Coordinator

Phone Number :  414-266-5226

Brian Jenkins

Application Systems Engineer

Phone Number :  414-266-5239

Chuck Stasson

HVAC Service Estimator

Phone Number :  414-266-5205

Connor Udelhoven

Associate Accout Manager

Phone Number :  414-944-4026

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