Keuka College


Trane Provides An Education In Financing Much Needed Improvements With Projected Energy Savings

Budget Constraints Make System Improvements a Challenge.

Keuka College is one of the leading proponents of experiential learning, which encourages students to get out in the world and learn by experiencing different countries and new cultures, often in challenging climates. But when students are back on campus, they need a comfortable place to study. Keuka, like many institutions, was facing rising energy, maintenance and repair costs. Budgetary pressures made funding needed system improvements a challenge. To provide a comfortable learning environment, Keuka’s administrators called on Trane’s expertise when they needed to upgrade the school’s aging HVAC systems.

An Education in Energy Savings.

Trane suggested that Keuka could benefit from a Trane PACT (Performance Agreement for Comfort from Trane) agreement which would fund the cost of HVAC and efficiency upgrades using guaranteed projected energy savings. Trane identified the financially feasible improvements and energy conservation measures that would generate positive cash flow to enable the system upgrades.

Trane’s professional engineering services included a comprehensive energy study and assistance in securing $275,000 in NYSERDA (New York State Energy Research and Development Authority) grants and subsidies to offset costs. As prime energy performance contractor, Trane also provided a comparison of campus improvement alternatives, including lighting upgrades and a new, high efficiency underground steam/condensate system. The TRANE Tracer Summit™ automation system was upgraded, an electric submetering and load management/ trending program was implemented, and demand-control ventilation in several buildings all helped to ensure efficiencies from system optimization.

A Guaranteed Energy Saving Experience.

Keuka College is guaranteed, through TRANE PACT, to achieve annual energy savings of $154,000—a 21-percent reduction in energy costs. Savings will grow as energy costs increase. Overall, the project has a forecast positive cash flow of $594,000 over 10 years, based on 2005 energy costs. Jerry Hiller, Keuka College Vice President of Finance and Administration, said, "Trane helped initiate and design an energy conservation and management program for the college, the first of three projects that Trane was selected to implement. Replacement of a central chiller system was recently completed and Trane is now working on a third project—the MEP portion of the Ball Hall renovation, the signature, founding building on campus. Their repeat selection as the vendor/contractor of choice indicates the high value Trane provides the College."