Refrigerant Analysis

Refrigerant Analysis

With the wider availability and use of reclaimed and recycled refrigerants, the Trane lab helps users of the refrigerants evaluate their quality. A contaminated refrigerant can damage the integral components of a cooling unit, affect its efficiency, and decrease its working life. Therefore, it is necessary to find contaminated refrigerants before they are used. The Trane Chemical Lab offers two services for refrigerant analysis:

  • Complete ARI Standard 700-93 - The purpose of the test is to evaluate and accept/reject refrigerants, regardless of source, for use in new and existing air-conditioning products

  • Refrigerant suitability - From analyzing refrigerant from a specific unit, The Trane lab can evaluate the refrigerant's contamination levels. Corrective actions are recommended when contaminant levels fall outside acceptable ranges

The Refrigerant Analysis report generated by the Trane lab contains:

  • Numerical data on all tests performed on the refrigerant sample

  • Recommendations and comments on the refrigerant sample

A refrigerant suitability or compatibility report, in addition to the knowledge of qualified and experienced service engineers, will provide valuable information about the refrigerant before it is used, sold, or disposed.

For further information on the Trane Chemical Laboratory oil analysis service, please contact your nearest Trane Commercial Sales Office.