Ascend™ Air-Cooled Chiller


Ascend™ Air-Cooled Chiller

Ascend™ Air-Cooled Chiller


An amazing combination of high-energy efficiency and quiet performance.

  • Capacity Range: 150 to 450 tons Refrigerant: R-134a
  • Compressor Design: Helical rotary screw
  • Energy Efficiency Rating (EER): IPLV: 19.7-21.6
  • Free-cooling option takes advantage of cooler ambient air temperature to reduce energy consumption
  • AdaptiSpeed® technology delivers robust efficiency with some of the lowest sound levels in the industry
  • Variable volume ratio screw compressor — optimized for variable-speed operation, it delivers peak efficiency under all operating conditions
  • Exceeds ASHRAE® 90.1-2016 Path B by 18% at full load and 22% at part load
  • EER: Full load: 11.4-11.7

An Unbeatable Combination of High Energy Efficiency and Quiet Operation

The ACR model, part of Trane’s Ascend™ line of air-cooled chillers, offers an unbeatable combination of high energy efficiency and quiet performance. ACR models use advanced technologies like InvisiSound® acoustic-reduction treatments, compressors with variable volume-ratio capability, permanent magnet motors and premium efficiency drives to help achieve low sound levels, maximize efficiency under all operating conditions, lower utility bills and save money.

Specially Designed for Demanding Applications

We designed ACR chillers especially for easy integration with facilities that have specialized requirements. And, an optional harmonic filtration system utilizes a matrix filter design to meet the requirements of IEEE® 519, reducing harmonic distortion to 5 percent or less total demand distortion (TDD). Rapid Restart® features, standard in our air-cooled chiller portfolio, allow the chiller to quickly regain full operational capacity after a power interruption, so mission-critical applications can continue with minimal interruption.

Free Cooling? We’re cool with that.

As a matter of fact, Trane has been integrating free cooling directly into our chillers for a long time. It only makes sense to tap free colder outdoor air to cool the environment inside your building. When you can avoid running the compressor keeping people comfortable is more sustainable, and energy and operating costs are lower. Trane has free cooling chillers covered.



Rental Solutions

Our approach to temporary HVAC and power goes beyond the typical drop-off. We design, deliver, install and even monitor safe and efficient rental solutions. Short term, long term, chiller, generator, or portable AC unit, we have the fleet and people where and when you need them.

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