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Modernize Your Building Controls

An easy way to increase resiliency and productivity in your daily operation.

A more modern building automation system with minimal disruption to your business.

The thought of replacing an old building automation system can seem like a heavy lift; the sensors, wires, tear-out, rework, and training that would be required. We can minimize the complexities and make a plan that fits in your operation, budget, and timeline. Our experts find opportunities to increase productivity, efficiency and resiliency in these three areas:

  • BAS-Icon-White.png


    Building Automation System (BAS), Zone Sensors, Thermostats, and HVAC Unit Controls

  • tc-icon-tracer-ensemble-solid-white


    Building Management System (BMS) and Software Maintenance Plan (SMP)

  • tc-icon-digital-transformation-solid-white

    Ongoing Maintenance & Services

    Refreshed Graphics, Training, Connected and Intelligent Services

Not sure where to begin? Want to learn more?

Our building automation experts can create a controls migration plan that fits in your budget and timeline.

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Hardware Upgrades

Ensuring your building's control hardware is up to date can ensure you are operating on the latest technology, which can increase resiliency including the mititgation of cybersecurity issues. Any legacy or third-party building automation system can be upgraded to Tracer® SC+ building automation system. Zone sensors through the space and HVAC equipment can easily be upgraded on your timeline with Air-Fi® wireless technology, with no need for costly and timely re-wiring of spaces. 

Trane can provide a migration path that fits your needs. We can start with the front end building automation system interface and allow equipment controls and sensors to be replaced based on your budget and timeline requirements. 


Software Upgrades

If you are looking for a new solution to manage your building, Tracer® Ensemble or Tracer® Synchrony can provide you with modern and easy to use software. Synchrony is the web-based built-in user interface for Tracer SC+ and is great for technical users with needs like chiller plant control. Ensemble is a BMS (Building Management System) designed for facility professionals that provides simple dashboards, alarm management, and reporting. 

A software maintenance plan, or SMP, can ensure your building management system takes advantage of the latest released features.


Ongoing Maintenance and Services

A connected building allows you to take advantage of new innovations and features as they become available. For example, a Connected Building Agreement can provide you with remote access to your building for remote service and system management.  An Intelligent Services Agreement can provide consultation from our experts to meet your goals about energy use, productivity or even decarbonization.

As your building evolves, you can keep your BMS up to date with graphics and point map refreshing. As your staff evolves or new team members join, we have online and in person training resources available.

Elevate your experience. Refresh your graphics.

A graphics boost can help to make your everyday tasks more productive and modernize your building automation system. See the difference: 








More Ways to Upgrade Your Building