Tracer® Ensemble Building Management System

Building Management Made Easy for Everyone

Work like an HVAC Pro. (Even if you’re not.)

What is a building management system?

Building management systems (BMS) control and monitor systems including HVAC and lighting, serving one building or multiple facilities in different locations.

 Whether you’re managing comfort and energy use in one or more buildings, Tracer Ensemble helps you do everything better. Intuitive navigation makes it easy to manage alarms and comfort settings. Dashboards and reports give you the insights you need to make smarter decisions on how to manage comfort more efficiently and sustainably. Asset Management helps you align work and facilities improvements into a single workflow. Even if you’re not an HVAC expert, Tracer Ensemble helps you work like a pro.

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The right access for the right users.

Tracer Ensemble makes building management easier for facility staff and occupants, working onsite or remotely. It allows you to limit access to features that support specific responsibilities.

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    For Remote Access

    Working remotely? Trane Connect allows users to access Tracer Ensemble securely and remotely, anywhere at any time.

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    For Facility Staff

    Facility managers and staff can leverage Tracer Ensemble to manage the comfort and efficiency of their building through simple dashboards, reporting and scheduling. From changing temperature or humidity setpoints, to extending the “run time” of your operations, to seeing equipment performance trended over time, Tracer Ensemble provides you the day-to-day management tools you need in an easy to navigate web-based interface. Looking to manage assets and service, too? Look no further, Tracer Ensemble has a built-in asset management application.

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    For Building Occupants and Tenants

    Building occupants and tenants can use the embedded “Facility Request” application to schedule system changes—like staying late or coming in early—and submit work order requests such as fixing a malfunctioning air vent. It’s all done easily from a laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

Customer Stories

See how Tracer Ensemble helped these customers to take back control of their operation.

An Integrated Building Management System

Tracer® Ensemble® is a web-enabled, enterprise-wide building management system. With 24-hour secure, remote access you can monitor and troubleshoot your building systems from your phone, tablet, or computer from virtually wherever you are, day or night.

With cloud-based (SaaS) installs, we’ll handle the day-to-day responsibilities for system maintenance, backups, and upgrades. It gets done faster, and you don’t have to worry whether your system is up-to-date.

Tracer Ensemble also integrates with the Pivot® Smart Thermostat system, bringing the capabilities of an enterprise management system to  less complex buildings that are connected by smart thermostats.

Need an on-premises approach? We’ve got you covered with a server-based solution of Ensemble.

Our Graphics Make Sense

You’ll like what you see. Tracer Ensemble uses animated equipment illustrations that support intuitive system management. Our equipment graphics are consistent from one building to the next, which makes it easier to onboard new users. Custom graphics are also available for site layouts, non-Trane equipment, and third-party systems such as lighting.

Built-In Asset Management

Most asset management software does little to help you address maintenance more proactively. Ours is the exception. Tracer Ensemble's built-in asset management application collects corrective and preventive maintenance work orders from tenants and puts them directly into Tracer Ensemble for prioritization, scheduling and tracking by facility staff. 

More Power to Occupants (Less Work for Staff)

Tracer Ensemble lets you empower tenants and occupants to report issues, adjust comfort settings, and request after-hours access directly--without involving the busy facility management team. Our application can even send invoices for building use outside of normal billing hours. It makes billing tenants faster and more accurate. 

Expand your Expertise at Trane University

Already using Tracer Ensemble? Learn how to do more with your software. Access our online, on-demand training videos at Trane University.

Let's Get Connected

The more connection points through your building, the more data for your building management system. Explore our solutions for smart thermostats, building automation, energy meters, and more. Our Tracer SC+ can also bring in third party systems, such as lighting or non-Trane equipment to give you your entire operation in one view.

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