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3 to 25 Tons

Precedent® Rooftop Units


3 to 25 Tons

Precedent® Rooftop Units

The ultimate in performance, four unit types—and new standard efficiency ratings!

Key Features:

  • Meets a wide range of needs, from Standard Efficiency to Ultra High Efficiency
  • Feature-rich and cost-effective
  • Four options suit different climates, applications and sustainability goals:   
    • Cooling only with optional electric heat —all electric
    • Gas Pack—electric cooling plus gas heating
    • Heat Pump—all-electric refrigerant-system cooling and heating
    • Hybrid / Dual Fuel—refrigerant-system cooling and heating with gas auxiliary heating
  • All models now meet DOE 2023 Minimum Efficiency Regulations 

Engineered with contractors in mind

Precedent is easy to install and service, saving time and money from the very first day. Simplicity through engineering makes all the difference when it comes to commissioning and maintenance.  Standardized components across the line make ordering less confusing. And direct-drive motors need very little attention.

 Built-in convenience features:

  • Right-sized for straightforward retrofits
  • Color-coded and numbered wiring with key connectors
  • Easy conversion from downflow to horizontal
  • Single-side access with hinged access to control panel
  • Single point power connection

Designed to prioritize energy efficiency and decarbonization

Building owners who are facing stricter local and national building codes and regulations will find a readymade solution in Precedent.   And it provides outstanding part-load efficiency. Plus, our Heat Pump option uses all-electric, refrigerant-system cooling and heating to help meet building decarbonization goals.

Compliance Assured:

  • US Department of Energy (DOE) 2023 Minimum Efficiency Regulations
  • 81% Gas Furnace Efficiency (EPCA Gas Heat Minimum Efficiencies)
  • ASHRAE® 90.1-2019
  • Regional Codes

Ready for the new era of connected buildings

Precedent units are capable of integrating into building automation and control systems for optimization, monitoring and data analysis. New models are equipped with the Symbio® 700 controller for improved usability, automated optimization.

New digital benefits:

  • Symbio’s intuitive user interface displays system alarms, diagnostics and resolutions
  • The Service and Installation App makes setup and troubleshooting faster and easier
  • Benefit from remote monitoring and intelligent services—even without a BAS through TraneConnect™
  • Seamless integration into non-Trane building automation systems    

Precedent Models

Electric/Electric & Gas/Electric

Standard Efficiency​​ High Efficiency​​ Ultra High Efficiency  (eFlex)​​ 
Models​​ Electric/Electric (TS*) & Gas/Electric​ (YS*) Electric/Electric (TSJ) & Gas/Electric (YSJ)​​ Electric/Electric (TH*) & 
Gas/Electric (YH*)​​
Electric/Electric (THJ) & 
Gas/Electric (YHJ) 
Electric/Electric (TZC) & Gas/Electric​ (YZC)​ Electric/Electric (TZJ) & Gas/Electric​ (YZJ)​
Capacity (tons)​​ 3-5​​ 6-25​​ 3-5​​ 6-25 3-10 12.5-25
Unit Controller​​ ReliaTel or ​Electromechanical​​ Symbio ​​700 ReliaTel or ​
Symbio 700 ReliaTel​​ Symbio 700
Warranty ​​ 1 Year Parts​​
5 Year Compressor​​
3 Year Parts​​
5 Year Compressor​​
1 Year Parts​​
5 Year Compressor​​
3 Year Parts​​
5 Year Compressor​​
1 Year Parts​​
5 Year Compressor​​
3 Year Parts
5 Year Compressor
Humidity Control (HGRH) Option N/A 6-25​​ 3-5​​ 6-25 N/A 12.5-25
Stable Temperature Control (Modulating Gas Heat) Option N/A 10:1 Natural Gas, 6:1 LP N/A 10:1 Natural Gas, 6:1 LP 2.5:1 Natural Gas 10:1 Natural Gas, 6:1 LP
Coil Guards​​ Optional​​ Standard​​ Optional​​ Standard Optional ​​ Standard
Efficiency Ratings​ ​14 SEER ​ ​13-14.8 IEER​ ​15-17.5 SEER 15.1-18.1 IEER ​18.5-20.1 SEER (3-5)​
19.3-23.2 IEER (6-10)​
20-26.3 IEER
Refrigerant ​​ ​R-410A​ ​R-410A​ ​R-410A​ ​R-410A​ ​R-410A​ R-410A
Airflow ​Configuration​​ Convertible​​ Convertible​​ Convertible​​ Convertible​​ Convertible Convertible

Heat Pumps & Hybrid/Dual Fuel

 Standard Efficiency High Efficiency​​
Models​​ Heat Pump (WSC) Heat Pump (WSJ) &
Hybrid (DSJ)
Heat Pump (WHC) & 
Hybrid​ (DHC)​
Heat Pump (WHJ) &
Hybrid (DHJ)
Capacity (tons)​​ 3-10​​ 12.5-25  3-10 12.5-25​​
Unit Controller​​ ReliaTel​​ Symbio 700 ReliaTel​​ Symbio 700
Warranty ​​ 1 Year Parts​​
5 Year Compressor​​
3 Year Parts​​
5 Year Compressor​​
1 Year Parts​​
5 Year Compressor​​
3 Year Parts​​
5 Year Compressor​​
Humidity Control (HGRH) Option N/A 12.5-25 N/A ​​12.5-25
Stable Temperature Control (Modulating Gas Heat) Option N/A 10:1 Natural Gas, 6:1 LP (Hybrid Only) N/A 10:1 Natural Gas, 6:1 LP (Hybrid Only)
Coil Guards​​ Optional ​​ Standard​​ Standard Standard
Efficiency Ratings​ ​14 SEER (3-5)​ 12.5-13.5 IEER 16-16.5 SEER (3-5)​
15.5 IEER (6-10)​
16.1-18.4 IEER
Refrigerant ​​ R-410A​ R-410A​ ​R-410A​ ​R-410A​
Airflow ​Configuration​​ Convertible​​ Convertible​​ Convertible​​ Convertible​​

Product Literature

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