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Glycol® Management System


Glycol® Management System

Key Features:

  • 65-gallon reservoir
  • 10-gallon graduations for easier solution mixing
  • Optimized valves placement throughout the system for service
  • Easy -alert system keeps facilities team informed
  • Constructed for indoor or outdoor installation

Cooling Management Simplified

Maintaining the proper volume of coolant in your building circulating loop is important for maintaining an optimal temperature range and to help maintain operating efficiency. The CALMAC® Glycol Management System (GMS) helps you maintain the ideal system pressure by adding fluid (commonly a premixed glycol solution) from a reservoir to the system when the pressure drops below a set point. So you don’t need to worry about the little things needed to optimize your system’s performance.

The CALMAC Glycol Management System provides the following benefits:

  • Extends system performance and reduces downtime.
  • Maintains proper amount of coolant to extend life of the system can reduce downtime.
  • A pressure relief valve protects against over-pressurization by the Glycol Management System. (Although it is not to be used in place of a properly sized system pressure relief valve.)
  • A drain valve is located after the pump to allow removing most of the solution from the Glycol Management System reservoir.
  • The check valve is conveniently located between the building system and the Glycol Management System.
  • A service valve can be found conveniently located between the reservoir and the pump.

CALMAC® Glycol Management System

Stay Informed with easy monitoring alerts

Stay informed with easy monitoring alerts - The CALMAC Glycol Management System keeps the facilities team updated with the following alerts:

  • Add Solution warning - Indicates that solution needs to be added to the reservoir. The Glycol Management System pump will continue to run, however, until the solution-level triggers the Low Liquid Level alarm.
  • Low Liquid Level – this alert triggers the system to turn off automatically until more solution is added and the system is restarted.
  • High Liquid Level – indicates high liquid level in the reservoir
  • Low System Pressure – indicates a possible leak in the building system.
  • Loss of Power - Low Liquid Level alarm contacts also close on loss of power providing an alarm sign for remoted monitoring.

Install indoors or outdoors

The unit can be located indoors or outdoors thanks to a TEFC pump motor, hot dipped galvanized frame and a NEMA 3R control box

Get up and running quicker with easy solution mixing

A large 65 gallon vented reservoir features 10 gallon graduations which can be used for mixing glycol/water solution reducing labor costs and time. Installation only requires: piping to the system, electrical service and connection. If applicable tie into the Building Automation Systems (BAS)


Download drawings for your project.


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