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Completion Module

TC_Completion System Module_NA_EN_High Res_pump_skid_StPaul.gif

Completion Module

Key Features

  • Variable flow cooling, constant flow charging
  • Decoupled with plate and frame heat exchanger option
  • Single point power and control connection
  • Pre-engineered and pre-packaged / factory built for faster installation logistics
  • Start-up and commissioning coordination
  • Factory mounted Trane® pre-packaged ice system controls
  • Optional skid mounted control panel
  • Software based inventory information
  • Warranty/technical support
  • All system hydronic specialties
  • N+1 VFD pump redundancy
  • Part of the Thermal Battery™ Air-Cooled Chiller Plant

Reduce Design and Installation Time

While thermal energy storage may provide an ideal solution, designing a thermal energy storage system can require some special considerations to maximize its value. Trane can help. Our ice completion module is a Trane-designed, built and functionally tested skid that reduces design and installation time for completion of thermal energy storage systems. The module reduces the system's complexity, simplifying design, installation and commissioning simplifying maintenance with parts identification and single-provider warranty. 

Benefit from single-source responsibliity

Having different partners to design, install and monitor savings can be confusing, time-consuming and costly. With Trane, we’ll reduce the time it takes to move a project from start to finish. The Trane ice system completion module provides single-source responsibility for the pumping systems, controls, chillers, ice storage tanks, warranty and more!

Reduce start-up time with pre-engineering

Pre-engineered pumps on a factory-built and -commissioned completion skid reduce startup time on the job. Pre-engineered pump modules also include ancillary equipment such as valves, sensors, expansion tanks and a glycol management system.

Advanced controls optimize system design and operation

The completion module features advanced Trane controls, which optimize system design and operation. These preprogrammed system controls reduced risk and engineering costs. Since they are standardized, these controls reduce opportunities for errors and the need for custom control programming.

Streamlined for better user experience

Standardized controls programming provides a common, repeatable experience for the building operator and service organization -- which saves time. To provide a better user experience, our module offers complete graphical programming at both the sub-system and system level, including graphics and dashboards. In addition, the sub-system controls are pre-loaded and shipped with the system completion skid. A touch-screen graphical display can be included at the module, in addition to mobile application and remote access.

Allows simple monitoring of storage inventory levels

With thermal energy storage, you need to know how much ice you have and determine whether the tank is fully charged or discharged. The CALMAC® Ice Inventory Meter provides a simple way to measure the changes in the water level in the CALMAC energy storage tank as ice is made or melted. A factory calibrated gauge senses the pressure in the meter box and displays it as a percentage of ice in the tank. The only field adjustment is the insertion depth of the probe. This option augments a software based inventory calculation included with the controls.

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