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Customized Solutions Tailored To Your Building’s Needs

After your initial assessment, your Trane expert will provide solutions and strategies to help you meet your goals and industry guidelines. Our recommendations are rooted in science and data, so you can be confident in your investment.

Make Air Your Ally

We can provide unique indoor air quality (IAQ) solutions designed around the specific needs of your building, climate and occupants. The holistic solutions center on four key areas: dilute, exhaust, contain and clean. Our air cleaning solutions deliver performance proven through third-party, independent efficacy testing.

Air & Surface Cleaning Technology
We partnered with Synexis®, a premier provider of innovative Dry Hydrogen Peroxide (DHP) that mitigates viruses, bacteria, mold, odors and insects. Synexis offers a simple, plug-and-play technology that does not require major system upgrades.

Air Purification Technologies

Effective in unoccupied spaces and as an in-duct solution, UVGI uses short wavelength ultraviolet light (UV-C) to inactivate microorganisms such as fungi, bacteria and viruses.

These solutions utilize HEPA filtration and optional UV light to remove pathogens, particles, and smoke from indoor air without the expense of upgrading HVAC systems.

Systems with higher MERV or HEPA filtration and photocatalytic oxidation can reduce spores, bacteria and even the tiniest viruses. They can also reduce irritating odors from volatile organic compounds and capture airborne particulates like dust and mold.

Align with CDC, EPA & ASHRAE Guidelines and Meet Your Building Certification Goals
We can configure a system with technologies that align with CDC, EPA and ASHRAE guidelines and government stimulus funding requirements. Our solutions can also support your goals for recognition by third-party certification and accreditation bodies.

Get Your Building Ready

Let us help you get started.

Enlighten Your Building

We partner with leaders in the field of lighting science to provide best-in-class lighting, lighting controls and integrated systems. These intelligent lighting systems have significant potential to improve occupant comfort, energy efficiency and productivity.

Set The Tone With Sound

Our acoustical engineers have innovated a suite of quiet system solutions, including one of the quietest chillers in the world. Our InvisiSound® acoustic reduction treatments minimize disruptions and enhance occupant concentration and creativity.

Comfort For All

We understand the dynamics between buildings, systems and people that influence comfort. Our thermal comfort solutions holistically manage temperature and humidity to create an atmosphere that’s comfortable and stimulating while balancing your energy efficiency and sustainability needs.


Step 1: Assess

Step 1: Assess

Start with an IEQ assessment to receive recommendations for an improved indoor experience.

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Step 3: Manage

Step 3: Manage

Access data and insights to manage your building and build trust for the people inside.

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