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Remote Diagnostic Services

Reduced-contact building maintenance and management. We are ready to help.

Change happened virtually overnight. The way buildings are being used now looks altogether different than a few months ago. HVAC systems need a new set of rules. Trane has expertise in all types of buildings, and a 100-year history of solving tough HVAC problems. We are ready to help.

HVAC service has bigger responsibilities  

Indoor air quality is on everyone’s minds and now more critical than ever. Meanwhile, as buildings open back up, resources are even tighter, forcing you to prioritize your areas of focus. Trane Remote Services can effectively manage HVAC systems from afar, making sure buildings remain comfortable and efficient, while dealing with increased complexity of less-predictable occupancy patterns. Through our top engineers, factory-trained technicians and industry-leading service tools, Trane’s service solutions can make your building the best it can be for the next new normal. 

Inspect Systems

Remote system inspections can be tailored to meet the business operations of each site, either using the standard 10-point inspection or the 50-point deep-dive inspection guidelines.

  • Verify that setpoints haven’t been inadvertently changed while essential employees remained in the building
  • Confirm the HVAC is set to new work scheduling, which may look completely different now
  • Receive and investigate equipment alarms before they cause downtime or equipment failures—even when buildings remain unoccupied

Resolve Issues

Based on what we learn during the inspection, we can prepare the building for comfortable and efficient operation.

  • Restore previous settings
  • Establish new schedules
  • Set up processes for scheduling exceptions—including empowering tenants to request occupancy changes directly
  • Shorten on-site service calls by prepping technicians with system information in advance

Prepare for the Future

Remote Diagnostic Services are the gateway to using connected building technologies that make buildings more responsive, sustainable, and resilient. Remote Monitoring establishes oversight in preparation for the possibility of future closures and ongoing alarm notification can be set up to monitor indoor air quality. As we all rely more on technology-enabled services, it is even more important to keep the foundational building automation system in good health; the key to greater sustainability. 

Ready for Now .
Reslient for Tomorrow.

These are uncertain times, and the implications for buildings will continue to evolve. Trane is keeping up with changing guidelines and regulations. We will continue to share new information and resources here.

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