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Cybersecurity Considerations for Building Automation Systems


The threat is real. So is our commitment to preparing you.

Every day, new cyber threats emerge around the world. And although most businesses are quick to devote resources to IT cybersecurity, connected building automation systems often go under-protected or even overlooked altogether. Yet they are increasingly a target of cyber attacks. The fact is, with the convenience of network-connectivity and remote access come inevitable security threats. 

Best practices, built right in.

At Trane, we take cyber threats very seriously by integrating cybersecurity best practices into our entire line-up of building automation systems. Our controls are designed to proactively provide protection  against incidents using tools such as encryption, multiple layers of access control and authentication to protect your data. A few of the ways we help protect you:

  • Trane delivers industry-leading products and solutions that can be deployed securely
  • Out-of-the-box simplicity for complex cybersecurity features
  • Standard features simplify sales process, installation and maintenance


Protection in action.

Trane delivers industry-leading products and solutions that can be deployed securely. Each brings out-of-the-box simplicity to complex cybersecurity features while streamlining installation, onboarding and maintenance.

  • Trane's Secure Remote Connection

    Secure Remote Access

    Trane Secure Remote Connection seamlessly co-exists with your existing infrastructure, so there’s no need to create a firewall opening or establish a VPN connection, unlike other top systems. Trane BAS controllers are accessed via a web page, service tools, or phone app.

  • Trane Cellular Module

    Secure Installation

    Trane's Cellular Module establishes a remote and secure connection between the BAS controller and the Trane Cloud for anytime data collection when an IT network is unavailable.

  • Tracer SC+

    Secure Products

    Trane mitigates on-going risk on their Tracer® SC+ site installations by providing proactive and routine cybersecurity audits through hardening reports and scans.

  • Future Trane BAS Products

    Continuous Development

    Current and future Trane controls products in development will incorporate BACnet Secure Connect and other industry standards through a simple software update.


Better security begins in the field.

Our field IT teams live and breathe cybersecurity. We work closely with your IT and facility pros to understand your current security practices as well as your evolving goals and needs. Then we make sure our equipment meets those requirements and your team has the knowledge and actionable plans in place to adhere to cybersecurity best practices. 

Staying a step ahead of cyber attacks.

Companies that make cybersecurity a priority tend to have better track records against breaches. They weave best practice principles into their daily operations so that proactive protection becomes second nature. We’ve created a helpful guide to cybersecurity best practices based on the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST)

“Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity”1


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