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VariTrane® Single Duct Terminal Units


VariTrane® Single Duct Terminal Units

VariTrane® variable-air-volume (VAV) units lead the industry in quality and reliability and are designed to meet the specific needs of today’s applications. Help to control comfort, indoor air quality (IAQ), noise levels, and energy consumption with the VariTrane single duct terminal units. Optional Certified Ultra-Low Air Leakage provides industry-leading energy efficiency and IAQ performance. VariTrane single duct terminal units are universally handed and optionally equipped with factory mounted and commissioned unit controllers, which reduce installation effort and startup time.  Optional Factory Installed Piping Package reduces time and risk associated with installation while improving system integrity.



The industry’s lowest air leakage rate

VariTrane’s ultra-tight two-piece casing construction helps to reduce the places where air can escape to help to reduce noise and energy losses. Units are manufactured using fully-automated, state-of-the-art sheet metal fabrication, with gasketed seams and gaps.

Tested and certified acoustical performance

Gain a proven and measurable acoustical advantage. Sound performance is tested and certified in accordance with AHRI Standard 880, and Trane stands behind the results.

Focused on indoor air quality

VariTrane delivers the proper amount of primary air/supply air to each zone during  operating conditions. Ultra-tight construction minimizes cold supply air leakage, which helps to reduce the risk of condensation that could lead to contaminants within the space. Plus, the optional LEED wrap prevents contamination during the construction phase.

Factory commissioned for superior performance

Optional factory-mounted digital Tracer controls are also factory commissioned. That means the unit operates with our best-known sequences for optimizing efficiency, quality and reliability. Sequences work in conjunction with building automation systems, making it easier to standardize VAV control over airflow and temperature setpoints, fan pressure, start-stop and more.

  • Available Sizes: 4 in. to 16 in. round, 24 in. x 16 in. rectangular
  • Airflow Range: 0 - 8,000 cfm
  • Available with hot water or electric reheat
  • Optional Certified Ultra-Low Air Leakage
    • Sound performance thoroughly tested and certified in accordance with AHRI Standard 880
  • Efficiency certified and published in accordance with ASHRAE Standard 130
  • Optional LEED wrap for preventing contamination during the construction phase
  • Optional factory mounted, wired, and commissioned pressure independent controls
    • BACnet® Communication
    • Trane® Air-Fi® Wireless Communication
  • Optional Factory Installed Piping Package
    • Standard and Belimo Control Valve Options
    • Field flip-able allowing for left or right hand piping connections
    • Standard enclosure provides support and protection during shipping and installation 


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Building Systems Upgrades

Technology continues to evolve - as do cyber-security defenses, and IT compatibility requirements, and customers’ productivity expectations.  Trane, as a leading BAS Controls provider, remains current with latest technology trends by innovating to deliver our customers secure, compatible, and feature-rich systems. By the time a typical building is a few years old, its systems are already falling behind. Trane can maintain a high performing building by keeping building automation, HVAC, lighting and central plants up to date with the latest BAS innovations.