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Building Automation System (BAS)

Transform your spaces and empower your future with advanced automation

For centralized control of HVAC, lighting and other facilities, a cutting-edge building automation system needs to be in place. Interconnecting building utilities makes monitoring and adjusting
operations easier and more efficient than ever before.

How Do Building Automation Systems Work?

Building automation systems operate as a single computer networking unit to control and monitor building-wide assets.
To do this, they collect, process and adjust information using five main components.


Input devices that measure data like humidity or room occupancy.


The “decision maker” that takes data from the sensors and determines how to respond.

Output Devices

A key part that carries out the controller’s commands.

Communication Protocols

The language used for each part of the system to “speak” to each other.

User Interface

Dashboards, screens or other interfaces where users can interact with the BAS and view building data reports.

These parts communicate across platforms, languages and software to perform a desired action. For example, if a building’s sensors detect its humid in the office, the controller would process this data and communicate to the output device to lower the temperature. Once the BAS adjusted the building’s temperature, the user interface would update to display data visually so occupants could review and optimize the building’s assets.

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Benefits of Building Automation Systems

Building automation systems are a single-source management solution for accessing data, controlling comfort and gaining visibility into performance. This includes awareness of recent concerns and insights into how to optimize systems via actionable data points. This empowers you to:

Explore Our Tailored BAS Solutions

Explore Our Tailored BAS Solutions

  • Campuses

    Seamlessly manage multiple facilities from a single integrated platform. With custom reporting and dashboards, you can get an overview of how your buildings are performing and easily schedule systems from virtually anywhere.

  • Large Buildings

    Overseeing large buildings comes with large challenges. Trane’s connected platforms give you a clearer view of your assets so you can implement more autonomous building management.

  • Small Buildings

    Small- and mid-sized commercial building automation starts with light commercial applications. From a smart thermostat system installation to upgraded HVAC equipment, there are accessible options.

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Modernizing Yesterday’s Buildings to Leverage Today’s Opportunities
This webinar will highlight common system types from the past 50 years, exploring retrofit and upgrade opportunities inclusive of the latest technologies to help customers reach their goals – from decarbonization, energy efficiency, productivity, compatibility and more.

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Building Automation Software

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