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Meeting Decarbonization Goals and Driving Efficiencies Is Easier with a Series of New Trane® Releases and Enhancements

Industry-First Thermal Battery™ Storage-Source Heat Pump System, Trane® / Mitsubishi Electric HVRF, Versatile Axiom™ Water Source Heat Pumps, Next-Generation Precedent® Rooftop Units, and Two Enhanced Air Handlers

DAVIDSON, N.C. (April 3, 2023) – Trane—by Trane Technologies (NYSE: TT), a global climate innovator—announces a series of system enhancements and industry-first releases aimed at helping customers solve decarbonization challenges in a wide range of environments, drive efficiencies, and capture the advantages of electrification, enhanced flexibility, and simplified serviceability.

Among the recent releases are:

  • Thermal BatteryTM Storage-Source Heat Pump System
  • Trane® / Mitsubishi Electric HVRF (Hydronic Variable Refrigerant Flow)
  • AxiomTM Horizontal and Vertical Water Source Heat Pumps
  • Precedent® Hybrid Dual Fuel Rooftop Units with Symbio®
  • Precedent® eFlexTM Rooftop Units with Symbio®
  • Performance Climate ChangerTM Air Handler with Symbio® 500
  • Custom Air Handler with Non-Metal Thermal Barrier

“In the push to decarbonize and meet ever-more stringent regulations while also improving efficiencies, our customers require creative solutions that address their challenges as well as goals,” says David Molin, vice president of Trane Product Management, Equipment, Controls, and Digital. “Trane listens carefully to and proactively anticipates what our customers need, then delivers the right solutions to meet the challenges of today and the future.”

Trane Introduces the First Thermal Battery™ Storage-Source Heat Pump System

Customers with buildings in extremely cold climates where temperatures dip below 0°F and dense urban settings now have a pathway to 100% electrification with an innovative Thermal Battery Storage Source Heat Pump system.

This all-electric heating system encompasses:

  • Proven Thermal Energy Storage used for decades employs ice tanks to reclaim and store excess heat in the form of cold water for future heating needs.
  • Chiller-heaters that provide direct heat recovery for heating when available and raise the temperature of stored heat from the thermal storage tanks to levels useable in conventional airside systems.
  • Air-to-water heat pumps that source and sink heat to and from the ambient air in order to balance heating and cooling capacity.

System controls that simplify the design process and ensure both reliable and efficient system operation.

Each thermal energy storage battery is capable of storing the same Btu’s of heat as 14 gallons of fuel or 2,000 pounds of steam. The system eliminates the need for a boiler and other high-cost equipment and accommodates smaller roof footprints. Reliable and efficient, the system lowers utility bills and enables customers to claim up to 50% in tax credits. Customers also have access to guidance and expertise from Trane in designing, installing, and controlling their Thermal Energy Storage Source Heat Pump system to maximize its benefits.

Trane® / Mitsubishi Electric HVRF Supports Refrigerant Reduction and Decarbonization

With the launch of Trane / Mitsubishi Electric HVRF, Trane introduces an all-electric, two-pipe hydronic variable refrigerant flow system. By combining the benefits of VRF and hydronic chillers, HVRF reduces refrigerant in the overall system in order to achieve more ambitious sustainability goals.

Ideal for multi-zone commercial spaces requiring individual temperature settings, such as hotels, dormitories, and multi-family buildings, Trane / Mitsubishi Electric HVRF employs a 100% electric heat pump with simultaneous heating and cooling.

In the proprietary Hybrid Branch Controller, heat is exchanged between refrigerant and water, resulting in up to a 20% reduction in overall refrigerant charge. The system’s interior line sets are also replaced with water, making it easier to meet regulations around refrigerant concentration levels and leak detection and allowing for easier refrigerant transitions in the future.

Trane / Mitsubishi Electric HVRF additionally supports increased serviceability, flexibility, and comfort with:

  • Interior multi-layer composite piping (MLP) instead of copper, limiting the need for costly and time-consuming brazing.
  • Simplified two-pipe configuration that allows for easier installation, management, and fewer connection points.
  • Up to 50 hydronic indoor units that provide improved occupant comfort due to exceptionally quiet operation.

Design flexibility (air- or water-source outdoor units) to achieve the highest efficiency based on specific building applications and climates.

Redesigned Axiom™ Horizontal and Vertical Water Source Heat Pumps

The Trane 0.5-6-ton Axiom Horizontal and Vertical Water Source Heat Pumps have been fully redesigned to deliver significant carbon-reducing energy efficiency and quiet, reliable operation. Available in standard efficiency, high efficiency, and two-stage options, these versatile all-electric heat pumps employ heat recovery to allow for flexible temperature and comfort in independently controlled zones. Additional enhanced features include:

  • Super-efficient full load EER and COP performance.
  • Improved system acoustics for an impressively quiet performance ideal for interior installations.
  • Expanded air filtration options with compatibility for highly-rated air filters that enhance indoor air quality.
  • Ninety-two percent fewer fasteners and a front-access cabinet that allows for easier installation and serviceability.

Meet Tougher Regulations with Two Next-Generation Precedent® Rooftop Systems

On the heels of last year’s successful expansion and redesign of the Precedent portfolio, Trane introduces two more next-generation Precedent rooftop units featuring a host of innovations that simplify meeting rigorous building codes and regulations for efficiency, electrification, and decarbonization.

Precedent® Hybrid Dual Fuel Rooftop Units with Symbio®

Consolidating the Precedent 3-10-ton solution with the Voyager 2 12.5-25-ton solution, Trane now offers a streamlined Precedent product family representing a wide range of capacity from 3 to 25 tons. With the Precedent Hybrid Dual Fuel Rooftop, Trane is one of the first HVAC manufacturers to offer a heat pump and dual fuel packaged rooftop unit in the larger 25-ton capacity.

Designed to help ease the transition to 100% electrification, the hybrid heat pumps allow the option to switch to gas in colder conditions while still leveraging the advantages of electricity. Along with the expanded 25-ton capacity, the system meets and even exceeds the 2023 minimum efficiency regulations issued by the Department of Energy (DOE). Additional features include:

  • The Symbio 700 unit controller, now standard, optimizes performance, improves serviceability, and provides unit connectivity.
  • Hinged access to the control panel, screw-less design, and no belts or fans to maintain or replace for easier serviceability.
  • New options include modulating hot gas reheat for dehumidification and CompleteCoat™, a corrosion-resistant coil coating.

Precedent® eFlex™ Rooftop Units with Symbio®

Ultra-high efficiency meets expanded 20-25-ton capacity in the Precedent eFlex Rooftop Units that employ eFlex technology to precisely match output to the cooling demands of each space. Unlike traditional single-speed units, this rooftop unit operates at the fastest level when demand is high and modulates to slower levels when demand decreases.

Combined with variable speed outdoor and indoor fans as well as compressors, eFlex innovation results in part-load efficiencies up to 26.3 IEER—up to 85% higher than DOE minimum efficiency requirements and outperforming the leading competitors. While significantly reducing energy use, Precedent eFlex Rooftop Units support decarbonization goals and help customers qualify for local utility incentives.

As with the Precedent Hybrid Fuel Rooftop, this system also comes with Symbio 700, serviceability enhancements, optional modulating hot gas reheat, and CompleteCoat.

Performance Climate Changer™ Air Handler with Symbio® 500

Significantly redesigned with an upgrade that allows for seamless connection to the Symbio 500 unit controller, this air handler provides a smart, factory-mounted, and tested solution ready for integration with:

  • Distributed input and output layout for simplified installation and maintenance.
  • Less wiring and fewer point-to-point connections for minimized failure points and errors.
  • Less labor time, cost, and risk for contractors.
  • More information to support improved troubleshooting and remote diagnosis.

Custom Air Handler with Non-Metal Thermal Barrier

Significant improvements in this Air Handler Unit (AHU) include an Absolute Non-Metal Thermal Barrier that eliminates metal-to-metal contact within the entire casing and related noise, corrosion, and rust. By reducing condensation generated during standard system operation, this air handler provides a more robust solution with a longer working life, ideal for high-end commercial and humid environments.

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