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Customer Stories

Warehouse Club Project

Building automation system optimizes energy use and comfort • Multiple locations

This international wholesale club plans to open new warehouse stores in the United States and Mexico. While spanning geographies, the locations have the common objectives of cost-effectively managing building operations and lowering energy costs.

Trane HVAC equipment with factory-mounted unit controls was combined with a Trane Tracer™ SC controller, a web-based building automation system, to meet warehouse store goals. The reliable, proven technology helps facility managers maintain a comfortable shopping environment, optimize energy consumption and reduce costs.


Although the company had building automation systems (BAS) installed in their existing facilities, they did not have workstations and previously tried web-based options proved costly. With rising energy costs a concern, corporate leaders were looking for a more cost-effective way to manage building operations at six new warehouse stores planned for completion within two years.


Building operations managers contacted Trane, the company’s primary energy management provider for more than fifteen years. The Trane team knew the challenges of controlling the environment in large, open warehouse stores. Trane HVAC equipment, unit controls and a Tracer SC controller were selected to answer customer needs. With components designed to work together, the system optimizes performance to meet facility management, energy efficiency and budgetary objectives.

Packaged rooftop HVAC units with factory-mounted controls deliver exceptional efficiency. The simplified installation of the rooftops lowers initial costs and helps to meet tight installation deadlines. These reliable units also require less maintenance, reducing operating costs.

Trane HVAC unit controls on the rooftop units, used in conjunction with a Tracer SC building automation system, provide diagnostic and troubleshooting information that helps maintain the efficient operation of the comfort system. The BAS scans all unit controllers to update information and coordinate building control, allowing building operators to manage all components as one system. The BAS also streamlines facility management tasks such as scheduling, reporting and programming. With online interface, the system provides building operators with the flexibility to monitor and control building operations on-site or from virtually anywhere.


The Trane HVAC, unit controls and Tracer control system provide the wholesale club stores with a cost-effective solution for comfort and facility management. The building automation system provides single-source responsibility for the monitoring and management of the indoor environment and offers the convenience of web access. The system increases store efficiency, optimizes shopper comfort and reduces energy costs. The investment has an expected pay back within eighteen months.

Due to the competitive nature of the wholesale warehouse store industry, the customer name is being withheld from this case study.

About Warehouse Club Project

This international wholesale chain has over 500 membership warehouses offering quality brand name merchandise at substantially lower prices than retail stores. The warehouses are typically more than 140,000 square feet, with product selections including food, appliances, automotive supplies, hardware, jewelry, office supplies, toys, housewares, apparel and furniture.

Warehouse Club hero.JPG