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Customer Stories

Hotel Le Meridien

Trane Building Services • Bangalore, India

Guest Comfort and 24/7 Reliability

Le Meridien is an international five star hotel situated in the heart of Bangalore city. Brand Le Meridien epitomizes luxury and upscale full-service hotels and yet it is conscious of its environmental footprint.


The hotel wanted to upgrade its HVAC system from reciprocating chillers which were installed in 1985. The aim was to improve energy efficiency, ensure reliability and reduce service costs.


Trane proposed and installed Series R™ helical rotary chillers in 1996, resulting in energy savings of nearly 30 percent. Satisfied with the chiller performance, the hotel engineering team ordered a Trane Tracer Summit™ building automation system. The building management system ensured that the chiller plant provided the appropriate capacity while minimizing energy consumption. By controlling the system throughout the day, comfort conditions were maintained when the building was occupied and energy consumption was minimized when occupancy levels were low. The Tracer Summit™ system allows the operator to change set points, schedules and other parameters through a PC workstation. Above all, it ensures single source responsibility for the complete HVAC system.


By partnering with Trane, Le Meridien achieved superior energy savings, guest comfort and 24/7 reliability. The Tracer Summit system provides additional energy savings of six to eight percent as the chiller control program load cycling is designed specifically for optimum operation of plant. Different chilled water set points can be assigned during the plant operation cycle. The hotel, conscious of its substantial investment, also purchased a maintenance contract from Trane. Planned maintenance ensures that systems run at top efficiency and provide significant energy savings, which in turn leads to reduced carbon dioxide emissions. Trane also inspected the chiller heat exchanger tubes using eddy current testing to find and repair any erosion or corrosion, keeping the heat exchangers operating at peak efficiency and reliability.

“Trane’s excellent after-sales service guarantees no downtime, which helps me to run the business most profitably,” said Mr. G. Vijay, Vice President. He added, “When a guest walks in from outside and into the hotel, it’s a completely different atmosphere. We pay a lot of attention to temperature levels and fresh air in the hotel.”


About Hotel Le Meridien

About Le Meridien, Bangalore and Trane India Located opposite the Bangalore Golf Club, Le Meridien is a five star deluxe hotel with 196 guest rooms, nine banquet halls, two restaurants and a nightclub. Trane’s business in India was established in 1993. Trane’s focus is to provide customers with energy efficient systems and services including chillers, airside systems, building management system, parts, etc.

“It is a trouble-free system and I am extremely satisfied with Trane.”
— Mr. K S Surendran, Chief Engineer, Hotel Le Meridien

Hotel Meridien hero.JPG