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Customer Stories

4 Bears Casino & Lodge


New Town, North Dakota


With guest comfort a priority, when the mixture of aging equipment and controls servicing its complex fell into disrepair, 4 Bears Casino & Lodge underwent a significant upgrade and expansion. Where possible, the facility’s rooftop units were repaired to reinstate proper operation, while other rooftops were replaced with higher efficiency Trane units. A Trane® Tracer® SC building automation system (BAS) was installed to help monitor and control equipment operations and improve guest comfort on the gaming floor, as well as in the hotel and pool area. Having made a significant investment in their building, the casino sought the most capable service company to maintain it, a partner who would take ownership of the equipment service and maintenance.


Feeling that a service team from the original equipment manufacturer would have the most knowledge regarding the equipment and controls operation and preventive maintenance requirements, the proactive facilities manager began conversations with Trane, while project construction was still underway.

Evaluating service and maintenance needs

With the upgrade completed and its current service agreement expiring, 4 Bears Casino & Lodge and Trane reengaged to begin structuring a new service agreement tailored to the needs of the entertainment complex. The team discussed the abilities of the facilities maintenance staff, and areas where they might need assistance. Walking through the facility, the team developed a roadmap showing the location of each piece of equipment.

Creating the right service contract

Trane proposed a comprehensive maintenance agreement that included preventive maintenance on all HVAC equipment including approximately thirty-five rooftop units, a chiller, a pool dehumidification unit, and heat pumps. The proposal also included select maintenance on the Trane Tracer SC building automation system with Air-Fi® wireless communication. After careful evaluation, a service contract was entered into that both the casino and Trane felt included the right service levels for the facility.

Sharing knowledge and a collaborative relationship

The 4 Bears Casino & Lodge facilities team and Trane work together to ensure optimal equipment operations. As Trane technicians are called to perform service on equipment, the units are repaired when possible and replaced if the team determines that to be the best solution. Trane technicians travel more than two hours to the facility, spending days at a time performing preventive maintenance, and sharing their knowledge with facilities staff on how to maintain their equipment to keep it operating at its best.


A team effort by the Trane sales, service and fulfillment groups has improved HVAC system reliability and the comfort of guests and staff at the 4 Bears Casino & Lodge. The Trane comprehensive service agreement, which covers preventive maintenance on equipment and controls, has lowered service and maintenance costs by 50 percent.

Hot/cold complaints from the gaming floor have also been reduced and employees no longer need to use electric heaters in their offices to supplement the heating system. In addition, entertainment events held in the casino’s 3800-seat auditorium, which the casino previously struggled to fill, are now selling out.

Pleased with the service contract and the professionalism of the Trane technician team, the casino and Trane are discussing expansion of the service contract to include additional buildings in the entertainment complex.

“We used to do a lot of patch work to keep our equipment running and it was costing us a lot of money,” said Robert White, director of facilities, 4 Bears Casino & Lodge. “Now every year our service and maintenance savings increases 20 percent to 30 percent, and we have good communications with the Trane technicians. They are doing a great job.”