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HVAC Damper

What is an HVAC Damper?

An HVAC damper is a small valve or plate that designates airflow to specific rooms in your home. HVAC dampers are typically used in zoning system to restrict airflow to certain rooms or spaces at any given time.

How to adjust an HVAC damper

You can control your airflow anywhere that you have an air vent (the same place you go to change your filters). From these vents, you can adjust the amount of air flow to specific rooms that are connected to that vent. Make sure you open every vent in your home so you can check the airflow in each room.
Before you change your vents, you need to find the damper lever which will be attached directly to your duct. This will usually be in a basement or crawlspace depending on your ductwork. This is the lever that will actually move your hvac damper.Turn the lever towards the duct to increase your air flow, and away from it to reduce.

Should an HVAC damper be open or closed?

Always leave your hvac damper partially open, make sure it is never totally closed or open. You want to make a series of small adjustments so that you can measure the airflow accurately and so you don’t completely cut off flow to a room.

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