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why buy a trane?

Discover why we're America's most trusted HVAC brand

For over 100 years, Trane has been building home comfort systems like no other thanks to our dedication to quality, innovation and reliability.

It's hard to stop a Trane. Here's why.

America’s Most Trusted® HVAC System

Trane has more than 120 years of experience in the business. We build products that are efficient to operate, work when they’re supposed to, last for a long time and create the ideal home environment. It’s that kind of tradition and reliability that’s earned us America’s Most Trusted® HVAC System.

Every detail has a purpose

At Trane, we design, test and build our own parts. We push them beyond industry standards, making sure they match the quality and innovation people expect when they own a Trane. Each detail is expertly designed and rigorously tested.
AC Unit with gutsAC Unit with guts

Built to withstand the toughest conditions

Every Trane unit is tested, retested, and tested again.

We put our products through 16 weeks of bone-chilling cold and blistering heat, in repeating two-week sessions. Some units endure more than 2,600 hours of continuous testing. We’ve even encased units in solid ice to make sure they keep running.

The result of our rigorous testing? Reliable units guaranteed to keep you comfortable in even the most extreme climates.

Quality customer service near you

Not every dealer is a Trane Comfort Specialist – it’s a special designation we award our most qualified specialists. A Trane Comfort Specialist is an independent Trane dealer committed to being the best in installation, service, customer satisfaction and employee training.
Trane maintenance logosTrane maintenance logos
Trane Product DurabilityTrane Product Durability

How we get the quietest sound rating in the industry

We're always looking for innovative ways to reduce noise. Inside the industry's only Hemi Anechoic acoustic sound chamber, every Trane is tested to run as quietly as possible. We never settle, so it never stops.