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What is Ductwork?

Ductwork is the system or metal or synthetic tubes, or ducts, used to bring air from your heating and cooling equipment to and throughout your home. Air ducts are a crucial part of your air quality, comfort and the efficiency of your equipment overall.

Where is ductwork located?

You can usually find the ductwork of your home in the attic, basement or crawlspace.

How many types of ducts are there?

Three. The three types of duct systems include flexible, rigid and semi-rigid ductwork. Flexible ducts are usually tube-shaped and are best suited for tight, complicated spaces where rigid ducts may not be installed. Rigid duct systems are either rectangular or cylindrical and are insulated. They’re popular thanks to their reliability and longevity.
The compressor works with the condenser to turn the refrigerant into liquid by pressurizing the gas. You’ll find it on the outside of the system. The expansion valve works with the evaporator to regulate the amount of liquid refrigerant is moving to the evaporator.
Semi-rigid ducts are viewed as some of the best and help ventilation systems run at their best thanks to zero leakage features. They’re also incredibly versatile and easy to maintain thanks to anti-bacterial and anti-static linings.

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