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Zoning System

What is a Zoning System?

Zoning systems split your home into various zones so that they can be either heated or cooled separately. Usually one heating and cooling system works to control the temperature of an entire home but in unique situations, temperatures may not distribute evenly. Heat may rise to the highest floors, for example. This is where a zoning system will work to adjust a single area of a home without affecting the lower floors of the residence.

Is HVAC zoning worth it?

HVAC zoning can be especially beneficial for multi-level or spacious homes with heating and cooling issues. Zoning can improve the efficiency of your systems and even out the temperatures in your home overall.

Can you add zones to an existing HVAC system?

Yes. You can add zones to your system however it’s best to do so if you have a variable speed blower and a variable speed outdoor unit to prevent loss of efficiency and wear and tear on equipment.

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