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Green Guide

Making smarter choices for our environment every day.

Save money while saving energy

You could save more than $500 each year¹ by making more efficient choices with your HVAC system. Explore products and services that can help you make climate-smart decisions every day, which can lower your energy bill.

Try programmable thermostats

Save up to 10% on your energy bills² with a programmable thermostat. Automatically adjust your home’s temperature by 8 – 10 degrees while away or sleeping, and watch the savings add up.

Explore thermostats

Take control with the Trane Home App

Connect our smart thermostats to our Trane Home App and control your home’s comfort from your mobile device. Track your system’s energy use and adjust your home’s temperature virtually anywhere, anytime.

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Consider an Electric HVAC System

Switching to an electric system can lower your carbon footprint and help you save on energy bills. Heat pumps can effectively heat your home. Our hybrid systems combine the power of gas and electric.

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Earn money back on your system

Earn money back on an eco-friendly system with rebates and tax credits. Explore which Trane products are eligible for these incentives as you plan your next home project.

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2022 Green Builder Brand Leader
Trane ranked #1 in sustainability and brand affinity in HVAC in 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2022, as wel las #2 in 2021.

Breathe easier

Your home’s air quality is just as important as its temperature. Clean air can reduce your exposure to certain viruses, pollutants, and particles that trigger asthma.

Understand energy ratings

When looking for energy-efficient heating and cooling systems, you will probably come across these terms. Learn what they mean to help you make informed decisions.

Try these energy savers

Families spend nearly $2,000 per year⁴ on average on their energy bills. You could save money and boost your home’s energy efficiency with a few simple tricks.

Sun coming through a window, which can warm the indoor temperature of a home

Control heat transfer with curtains

Curtains keep heat from traveling through your windows. In the summer, pull curtains closed on the sunny side of your home to stop excess warmth from seeping in. In the winter, open your drapes to let the sun help warm your home during the day and close them again at night.

A caulk gun used to seal gaps around window frames and doorways

Seal cracks around windows and doors

Don’t let the comfort of your home slip away under your doors and windows. Use caulk or weather-sealing tape to seal any gaps or cracks around your window frames and doorways.

An energy efficient lightbuld, which can reduce energy use by 50% to 70%

Install energy efficient lighting

According to ENERGY STAR®, homeowners dedicate nearly 11% of their energy budget to lighting their homes. Using efficient, ENERGY STAR®-qualified LED light bulbs can reduce your energy use by up to 90% over standard bulbs. LED bulbs also produce less heat, which can help with air conditioning efficiency.

A person holding a power strip, which can be used to save energy

Use smart power strips

Installing a smart power strip is a great way to save energy. Your electronics continue to use power when plugged into an outlet, even if they’re “off.” Smart power strips turn power off completely or only let peripherals turn on when a main unit, such as a TV or computer, is on. This prevents these “energy vampire” devices from using energy when they’re sitting idle, which saves you money on your electric bill.

Refrigerant Innovation for a Better Tomorrow

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has mandated a switch to a more sustainable refrigerant than R-410A due to its detrimental impact on the ozone layer.

Because of our commitment to sustainability and a greener planet, Trane has led research to find alternative refrigerants with a lower global warming potential (GWP) than R-410A and no ozone depletion potential (ODP).

After thorough research and testing, Trane has dedicated countless hours of research to identify and evaluate lower GWP alternatives, and concluded that the most sustainable and future-proof alternatives are R-454B and R-32. The majority of equipment will utilize the R-454B refrigerant, while select products will utilize R-32. Both are generally accepted as safer for our ozone and helps our systems run much more efficiently.

R-454B refrigerant has already demonstrated exceptional performance during Trane’s field trials in the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE)Cold Climate Heat Pump Challenge. By rigorously testing products and introducing the latest innovations, Trane has been able to surpass the DOE’s requirement for high-efficiency heating in freezing temperatures.

All in all, R-454B offers an excellent, more sustainable alternative to the older R-410A refrigerant which has a higher GWP and is harmful to the ozone layer.

Our Gigaton Challenge

Trane Technologies™ has launched the Gigaton Challenge. Our goal is to reduce one gigaton of carbon emissions from our residential and commercial customers’ carbon footprints by 2030.

A gigaton equals the total amount of carbon produced by Italy, France, and the U.K. combined each year!

How We Will Meet the Challenge

We are providing heating, cooling, and refrigeration solutions that displace fossil fuel use and dramatically enhance energy efficiency and deploying these solutions at scale to help mitigate the risks that a warming world poses. Our actions are already making an impact. Since 2019, our reductions are equivalent to 93 million mtCO2 e.

Building a more sustainable future

We are constantly creating more efficient products for our customers. You can help us change the world by making small adjustments at home, whether that’s turning off the lights before you head out for the day, adjusting your thermostat, or upgrading to a more efficient heating and cooling system for your home.

Learn more about going green

Contact a local dealer

Dealers can answer questions, help you find the right products for your home, and repair your system.

We’re here to help

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  1. Based on ENERGY STAR’S Savings Calculator for a 3-ton 21 SEER/1O HSPF heat pump and programmable thermostat versus the industry standard 13 SEER/7.7 HSPF 3-ton heat pump and standard thermostat in St. Louis, M.O.
  2. Savings calculated by the U.S. Department of Energy. The savings percentage is greater for buildings in milder climates than for those in more severe climates.
  3. Green Builder Brand Index: The Green Builder Brand Index gauges builders’ likes and dislikes about products in the green construction market, from the best energy-saving appliances to the cars they like to drive on the job. Results in three distinct categories — traditional survey data, public sentiment, and market visibility or “mentions” — are averaged to derive a company’s final ranking among its peers. For more information about the Green Builder Brand Index, www.greenbuildermedia.com.
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