Matched System

A Trane matched system is the combination of superior Trane products as every part of your system.

A Trane matched system takes a more holistic view of answering your comfort needs and providing energy savings. By combining superior Trane components that are made to work seamlessly together, you can create a more efficient ideal system for you and your family.

Different houses have different needs. You can choose from many components to create the right matched system for you. Depending on your region, a matched system can be composed of the following: an air conditioner and furnace, a heat pump and furnace, a heat pump and air handler, an air conditioner and air handler, or an all-in-one “packaged” system.

The air conditioner/furnace system is suited to the Northeast, Midwest, Northwest and some South regions. The heat pump/furnace system is a good choice for Southeast, South, Southwest and some California regions. The heat pump/air handler system is ideal for the Southeast region. The air conditioner/air handler system is an option for some South, Southwest and California regions.

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