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A Trane air conditioner next to a Trane air handler

HVAC 101

Air conditioner + air handler matched systems

An air conditioner paired with an air handler is a good choice for warmer regions, including the South, the Southwest, and parts of California.

What does an air conditioner do?

Connected to the inside cooling coil, the compressor pumps refrigerant back and forth, extracting heat and moisture from the indoors. It transfers the heat to the outdoors. Warm indoor air is blown over the indoor cooling coil, then is cooled and distributed throughout your home.

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Air handlers circulate conditioned air throughout your home

Matched in capacity and efficiency rating with the air conditioner, air handlers circulate conditioned air throughout your home. An air handler contains an inside coil and a blower fan, with the additional possibility of an auxiliary electric strip heater. Trane air handlers are available with multi-speed or variable-speed motors. Variable-speed models are known for soft starts, high humidity controls, variable airflow capacity, as well as the enhanced comfort mode, the Comfort-R™ airflow system.


Adding an air cleaner can also help reduce pollen, pet dander, dust, and smoke in your home

An air cleaner is integral part of a home comfort system. An air cleaner can filter dust and pollutants out of the air you breathe, and keeps your rugs and home furnishings cleaner as well. Reduced pollen, dust, pet dander, smoke, etc., could help reduce allergy and asthma discomfort. A Trane CleanEffects® Whole Home Air Cleaner air filtration system can remove up to 99.98%* of airborne particles that pass through the reusable filter.

*Based on third party testing of particle removal efficiency down to 0.3 microns (2005).

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