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Energy Saving Tips To Improve Your Home's Efficiency

The most effective way to save energy in your home is to replace outdated heating and cooling units with a more energy efficient HVAC system. But since that option isn't available to everyone, Trane has put together a list of simple tips you can use to save energy in your home. So until you're ready to replace your furnace or air conditioner, use this guide to improving your home's energy efficiency.


Your HVAC system works hard to produce the hot and cool air that keeps you and your family comfortable, which is why it’s so important to keep as much of that air in house as possible. Here are a few simple ways to improve your home’s insulation:

Insulate attic and top-floor crawlspace ceilings – In the wintertime, the heat produced by your furnace gradually moves upward toward the roof. By insulating the ceilings on the top floor, you can keep more of that warm air in your home.


The following items can be easily installed in your home, and can have a beneficial effect on your utility bill.

Programmable thermostat – A programmable thermostat can change the temperature in your house according to your daily schedule. For example, if your family is typically out of the house during most of the day, your thermostat might adjust the temperature until just before you return, and do the same in the evening when you go to bed. By heating or cooling your home only during the times that matter, you can put a serious dent in your energy bill.
Ceiling fans – If you’ve ever had to climb a ladder in a room without a ceiling fan, you know how much warmer the air is near the ceiling. Ceiling fans move the air around a room, so you and your family feel more of the warm air that’s already around you. By evening out the temperature in a room, the ceiling fan will also decrease the amount of time your furnace needs to run to keep the house comfortable.


If you’ve followed the tips above and are looking for a more effective way to decreasing your home’s energy use, consider replacing your outdated HVAC system with a new, energy efficient furnace or air conditioner from Trane. In conjunction with the energy savings tips above, a new Trane HVAC system can dramatically improve your home’s energy efficiency, saving you money on energy costs each month. For a free consultation, contact your local Trane Comfort Specialist today.

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