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Scroll Compressor

A scroll compressor is a specific type of compressor that functions by rotating pieces of metal within an HVAC system.

What is a scroll compressor?

A compressor is a piece of machinery inside your hvac unit that compresses gaseous refrigerant so that it can pass through your refrigerant coil and be sent into your home to cool the air. A scroll compressor is a type of compressor that uses two interlaced spiral metal pieces (or scrolls) instead of pistons to compress the refrigerant. 

The scroll compressor works by using a pair of scroll-shaped elements, with one scroll orbiting within the other scroll. As the outer scroll rotates, it draws in the gas and compresses it as it moves inward. This action creates pressure on the gas, thus resulting in increased temperature.

What are scroll compressors used for?

Scroll compressors are used for a variety of applications, but they are most commonly found in small HVAC systems. In these systems, scroll compressors are responsible for drawing in and compressing the refrigerant before it is sent to the condenser coil and into your home. They provide an efficient way to cool air without using too much energy. Additionally, scroll compressors tend to be quieter than piston compressors, so they can help keep indoor noise levels down as well.

Benefits of using a scroll compressor

Scroll compressors are becoming more popular for certain HVAC applications due to their efficiency and durability. They require less space than traditional piston compressors and can handle higher pressures without needing any additional components or maintenance. Additionally, scroll compressors are quieter and have a longer lifespan than traditional piston compressors, making them ideal for more demanding applications. They also require less energy to operate, so they can help you save energy costs in the long run. 

How to upgrade to a scroll compressor

If you’re considering upgrading your current HVAC system to one with a scroll compressor, the first step is to contact a qualified technician. Your technician will be able to assess your system and recommend the best system for your needs. Once they have installed the system, they can also provide any necessary maintenance and repairs throughout its lifetime. 

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