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The Trane Climatuff™ is the world’s first successful heat pump compressor, and it is the type of compressor found in all Trane residential units.

What is a Climatuff™ compressor?

The Trane Climatuff™ compressor was the world’s first successful heat pump compressor. It is the industry leader in residential HVAC systems, as it provides superior performance, low noise, durability, and energy efficiency. To this day, the Climatuff™ compressor is the only one Trane uses in its residential systems. 

What makes Climatuff™ compressors different?

Since 1938 when the industry’s first hermetic centrifugal refrigeration machine was introduced by Trane, we’ve led the way in defining the standards in compressor technology. Our Climatuff™ compressors are designed to handle the extreme conditions of heat pump applications, including higher operating temperatures, liquid refrigerant flooding, adverse electrical stresses and the stress of long operating hours. To maintain this level of superior performance, Trane adheres to a strict compressor testing philosophy, which yields continuous application and design improvements.

The Climatuff™ all-aluminum frame not only dissipates heat, but its light weight reduces

stress on its mounting springs as well. Valves are another critical factor because they experience more stress than any other component. For that reason, Trane manufactures compressor valves to extremely tight design specifications.

Trane uses either a reciprocating or scroll Climatuff™ compressor in all outdoor products, depending on the level of efficiency and reliability required for a specific application.

Climatuff™ reciprocating compressor

A reciprocating compressor works by drawing air into the cylinder on its intake stroke and then compressing it on the piston’s upstroke. This pressurized air is then delivered through an outlet valve to perform work in the form of cooling or powering other systems. The reciprocating compressor can provide higher pressure ratios than rotary compressors while being more efficient at lower speeds. 

Climatuff™ reciprocating compressors have 25% more volume inside the shell, which is a distinct advantage over other compressors. The heavy steel shell of the Climatuff™ reciprocating compressor can withstand many times normal operating pressure. It’s designed to seal oil and refrigerants in—and keep contaminants out. The differences add up to the most durable compressor manufactured in the industry today.

Climatuff™ scroll compressor

A scroll compressor is a type of rotary compressor that uses two interleaved spirals, or scrolls, to move gas from the intake port to the exhaust port. The spirals are connected at their outer edges and rotate in opposite directions. As one spiral moves up, it creates an area for air to flow into the center core, while simultaneously compressing gas on the other side that has already been drawn in. This continuous motion allows for efficient and quiet operation since the only parts that move are those two spirals.

Trane’s Climatuff™ scroll compressor features an innovative method, referred to as conformance, for assuring a tight compression pocket. The orbiting scroll is self-adjusting. It moves radially in and out to precisely follow the shape of the involute; the fixed scroll moves vertically to maintain optimum contact of the tips. This dual motion is the key to achieving the full benefits of the Climatuff™ scroll.

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