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Sustainable, Renewable Heating & Cooling

Geothermal Systems

Trane brings variable speed technology to the next level, with systems that intuitively adjust to changing heating and cooling needs. Our heat pumps work only as hard as they have to, and often at more efficient, quieter speeds.

Harness the power of earth in your home.


How geothermal works

Unlike many HVAC systems, geothermal heating and cooling units don’t burn fossil fuels. They use electricity to access the earth’s internal temperature, which stays constant regardless of the weather outside. In the summer, the earth’s center is cooler than its sunny surface. In the winter, it’s warmer than the frozen ground. To better understand the science behind geothermal, heat pumps can be a helpful point of comparison. In colder months, geothermal systems pull heat from the earth into your home. When it gets warmer, geothermal systems transfer unwanted warmth back below the surface.

Geothermal means high efficiency

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, geothermal systems are one of the most efficient ways to heat and cool your home. These eco-friendly systems don’t just benefit the planet—they deliver big savings. Geothermal units lower your monthly heating and cooling costs and may qualify you for incentives, rebates and tax credits. Contact a Trane Comfort Specialist for extra help choosing the geothermal system that would best fit your home.

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