Pivot™ Smart Thermostats

Pivot™ Smart Thermostats

Pivot™ Smart Thermostats

It’s never been easier to manage comfort while running your business

Pivot Features

Your business has big aspirations, and the comfort of your buildings plays a more important role than you might think: Comfort boosts employee productivity. It can elevate sales, and even build customer loyalty and repeat business. The Trane® Pivot™ smart thermostat makes it easy to maintain an ideal environment that works for you. Commercial features enable you to manage comfort as a natural part of your day. Pivot even provides the ability to control multiple buildings, so business can thrive in every location.

The Pivot mobile app can be downloaded from the app store. It provides access to your system remotely for convenience and peace of mind. The mobile app allows users to schedule one or multiple thermostats and allows user management – granting specific mobile devices access to the system.

The Pivot contractor portal establishes a link between your building and your preferred service provider. Once a contractor is granted access, they can view the system status, troubleshoot remotely and minimize any potential downtime.

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