Water Source Heat Pumps

Maximize efficiency and savings

Water source heat pumps from Trane offer the ultimate in efficiency and sustainability for building comfort..

Get ultra-high energy efficiency and comfort plus lower operating costs and more sustainability with a Trane Axiom™ water source heat pump. With a broad range of models from 0.5 to 25 tons of capacity, Axiom™ water source heat pumps are easy to operate and maintain and use advanced technology that makes them among the most quiet and efficient systems available.

Ultra-high energy efficiency with lower energy, life-cycle costs

Fully compatible with geothermal technology, Axiom™ water source heat pumps from Trane offer higher efficiencies -- up to 40 EER on select configurations -- than other conventional heat-pump technologies, along with precise space heating and cooling capabilities for superior comfort. Available eFlex variable-speed control minimizes on/off system cycling, temperature swings, noise and energy use. Axiom™ durability, performance and efficiency means exceptionally low life-cycle costs to boot. Building owners can also take advantage of a 10% federal tax credit on qualifying installation costs if geothermal system placed in service before Jan. 1, 2022.

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    Sustainable efficiency for variety of building applications

    Trane has an Axiom™ water source heat pump that fits most any need from 0.5 to 25 tons. Ideal for schools, office buildings, health care and rehabilitation facilities, condominiums and retirement facilities. The lineup includes variable speed, standard and high-efficiency, vertical stack, console, water-to-water and rooftop models.

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    Optimize performance with Tracer® system and unit controls

    Take full advantage of the Axiom™ line with Tracer® controls, which are factory-programmed to take full advantage of the heat pump system’s performance characteristics – a level of integration and performance third-party controllers just can’t match.

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    Best of all – it’s a Trane

    Trane quality is built into the full line of Axiom™ water source heat pumps for years of durable performance and reliability, backed by Trane’s powerful warranty.

Water-Source Heat Pumps

Trane has a water source heat pump to deliver high-performance heating and cooling for any building application